Liberia: Cummings Gets Unprecedented Support in Lower Margibi

 Cummings meets with elders in Lower Margibi County


The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander Cummings, has assured hundreds of citizens in lower Margibi County of a brighter future of economic prosperity in his ascendancy as President of Liberia.

Cummings, accompanied by his Vice Standard Bearer, Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine, wife Teresa, and party stalwarts, was accorded a rousing welcome Thursday afternoon amid huge jubilation by citizens in Ma Zoe Town, Kporkporken Town, Henry Town, and areas along the Roberts International Airport highway in Margibi County.

Citizens of Ma Zoe Town lamented the economic challenges and the disastrous road condition and expressed appreciation to Cummings for being the first presidential candidate to visit them.

They spoke of years of government neglect and the lack of school and health facilities, and they made a special appeal and pledge to support Cummings' presidential bid in October. 

The CPP Standard Bearer reaffirmed his commitment to fix the deplorable road condition, improve the health care and educational systems, and revive the ailing economy through massive job creation.

He vowed to stop the influx of dangerous drugs into the country and take appropriate legal action against drug traffickers, while at the same time preventing widespread abuse among youths.

In Kporkporken Town, the CPP Vice Standard Bearer Counsellor Brumskine, cautioned citizens against electing the wrong leaders because of personal benefits or instant gratification. 

She said on October 10, every eligible voter will be left alone to vote, and it is therefore a demand of each to consciously choose the most competent candidate capable of transforming Liberia for the betterment of all Liberians.

She lamented the worsening economic conditions and the deplorable state of affairs and warned Liberians to focus on the bigger picture — the future of Liberia—and not vote based on temporary financial gains offered by selfish politicians.

 Brumskine gave the warning on  September 21, while on a separate campaign tour with Teresa Cummings in Marshall, Lower Margibi County.

The CPP Vice Standard Bearer and entourage visited the Boys Town market, Kporkporken, and Henry Towns amid great jubilation and warm reception by hundreds of citizens.

She admonished Liberians about the future consequences of electing incompetent and unqualified leaders incapable of addressing the vexing socio-economic challenges facing the vast majority of citizens. 

Brumskine said the election of Mr. Cummings as the next president on October 10 will be a turning point and the emergence of a new Liberia with economic prosperity for all Liberians.

Margibi County has five electoral districts with an estimated 184,425,000 eligible voters, according to the National Elections Commission.