Liberia: Cummings ‘Confident’ of Dislodging Weah in Southeast

CPP's presidential candidate, Alexander B. Cummings

The Presidential Candiate of Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander Cummings, is confident that he will wrestle the Southeastern region from President George Weah and accumulate the highest votes comes October 10 polls.

Weah enjoys an overwhelming support in the Southeast since he launched his political career 18 years ago, and won the region in two elections (2005 and 2017) when he contested the Liberian presidency.

However, Cummings said he is poised to dethrone the President and establish himself as the most popular political figure in that part of the country.

The Southeast comprises six counties: Maryland, Sinoe, Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Grand Kru, and River Cess.  Cummings is a native of Maryland County while Weah is from Grand Kru County.  The former said the reception accorded him across the region during his recent visits is a clear testament that his kinsmen will overwhelmingly back him in the October polls. 

The CPP statement said the warm turnout accorded their political leader by citizens of Maryland, Grand Kru and River Gee counties speaks to the fact that he will win the Southeastern votes.

The release indicated that the CPP with strong vision for real change and the support it continues to receive from the Liberian people, is sure of claiming the presidency in October legislative and Presidential elections.

The CPP Standard Bearer arrived in Maryland County through Cote d’Ivoire on the 10th of June where a determined huge crowd of supporters awaited his arrival despite the heavy pour of rain.

Cummings and his entourage were welcomed on the Ivorian side of the border by a high level team led by former Maryland county Senator, H. Dan Morais.

The CPP standard bearer’s tour captured Maryland, River Gee, and Grand Kru Counties in the southeastern part of Liberia. During his deliberation in the Full Gospel Church in the Jacksonville Township, on the outskirts of Harper City, Cummings addressed the multitude on the alarming situation of the deplorable road condition in the southeastern region.

While on his tour in the region, the CPP leader addressed pertinent national issues including bad governance, corruption, and other negative vices that are stagnating the growth of the country.  

He also spoke of the dangerous road conditions that are currently hindering travel to the southeast—a situation that is compelling many sons and daughters of the Southeast, including government officials and other travelers, who have to travel by way of neighboring Cote D'Ivoire to get to their destinations in the region.

Cummings also highlighted the importance of improved infrastructures, emphasizing that no Liberian should have to rely on foreign territories to access their own country.

During his stay in Maryland, Cummings also visited ghettos in Harper where he shared words of encouragement with an excited youth group primarily composed of young men. He then expressed and emphasized the importance of hope and assured them that a better future was within their reach noting that it can be achieved collectively.

He had meetings and visited the J.J. Dossen Hospital, reaffirming his commitment to supporting the health care sector in the southeast as the Liberia next President.

Earlier, Cummings and delegation had toured River Gee County, where he was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the rural women who danced and celebrated with joy. Joining them, he walked to a palaver hut for a warm welcome ceremony, where music filled the air and shouts of support reverberated.

In his introduction, the Master of Ceremony described Cummings as a son, a brother, and the fixer of Liberia, eliciting resounding cheers from the crowd.

Throughout the day, Cummings engaged with communities across River Gee County, including the capital, Fish Town, where similar encounters took place. The visit concluded at Gbeapo Karweahken, with an evening filled with dancing and singing, cementing the spirit of unity and hope.

Continuing his journey, Cummings received a rousing welcome in Behwan, the entrance town of Grand Kru County, before proceeding to the capital city of Barclayville. Addressing his supporters in the late afternoon, he pledged to return for a more extended visit on his next trip to the Southeast.

Cummings expressed confidence in winning the pending October elections as a result of the level of work he has done and the warm welcome he received from the three counties he visited.