Liberia: Cummings Africa Foundation Awards 24 Scholarships

Mr. and Mrs. Cummings posed with scholarship beneficiaries, former scholarship recipients, CAF Country Director Brownell, and other members

….As Scholarship Benefactor implores Liberians to cultivate the attitude of giving back to society

The Cummings Africa Foundation (CAF), in continuation of its support for the education of Liberians, has awarded 24 fully funded scholarships to deserving students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) and Agriculture. 

The foundation’s 2023-2024 scholarship recipients are poised to pursue tertiary education in seven of Liberia’s higher learning institutions, including Cuttington University, United Methodist University, Bluecrest University, Adventist University, Starz University, Smythe Institute and Stella Maris Polytechnic University.

This year's scholarships are being awarded to 14 males and 10 females. According to CAF, this program commenced in 2017 and has provided more than 100 scholarships to deserving students who enrolled in colleges and universities.

Alexander B. Cummings, the Co-founder of the Cummings Africa Foundation said he believes that the scholarship recipients will make the foundation, Liberia and themselves proud by studying and achieving their goals.

“Educating you will affect all of us. I’m glad you are studying in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math. I want you to take advantage of this opportunity and do your best,” Cummings said.

Cummings calls on the scholarship recipients to always think of giving back to Liberia and Liberians after acquiring education and getting a job in the near future. 

‘Don’t only look after yourself but look after your family members and other Liberians. We will support you but as a people and country, we have to learn to follow the rules and do the right things,” he said.  

According to him, there is no shortcut to success, rather success comes from hard work and discipline. He urged them to remain focused and achieve their goals.

The Founder of Cummings Africa Foundation, Mrs. Teresa Cummings, said she believes that Liberia has the brightest, but they do not have the opportunity and the means. 

“We have taken upon ourselves to create this means for you, our brightest and our best. To beneficiaries here today, you are our brightest and our best,” Mrs. Cummings told scholarship recipients in a jubilant mood. 

Over the years, she said, the females have outnumbered the males but the males have outnumbered the females for 2023-2024. 

“I am looking forward to good things from our scholars, and particularly keeping their grades up as required by the foundation. It’s a challenge to you to keep those grades up in order to remain on the scholarship. We will take care of all the finances,” she said.

The Country Director of Cummings Africa Foundation, Dr. Wede Elliott-Brownell, lauded the 2023-2024 scholarship recipients for participating in a competitive process and emerging successful.

Dr. Brownell said this year the foundation received 116 applications and only the 24 beneficiaries met the foundation’s standard and requirements including the interview. 

She said the scholarship is only offered to students wishing to pursue education particularly in science, technology, engineering and math. 

“I am proud to see young people ready to go to college because when you graduate, I know you will make the difference in Liberia,” Dr. Brownell told scholarship recipients. 

She added that education makes everyone productive and quality individuals, something that no one can take away from anyone. 

“This process was objective and not ‘who knows you’ or ‘please help me’. You earned this scholarship and no one is giving it to you free. However, you are required to score 3.0 to remain on the foundation's scholarship. The foundation pays all your fees and tuition,” she said. 

She further expressed confidence in them  being on the foundation’s scholarship to acquire their education.

Romell M. Hiama, one of the recipients of the scholarship, lauded the Cummings Africa Foundation for providing the opportunity to Liberian students to achieve their dreams.

“If we are empowered as young Liberians, especially with education, we will help to improve our country,” Hiama said.

Amos Nyan Dolo, another beneficiary for studies in environmental science, said he was excited about being selected as one of the beneficiaries of the Cummings Africa Foundation 2023-2024 scholarship.

Prince William Gbeaduh, a beneficiary of this year's scholarship, said he was delighted to benefit from the Cummings Africa Foundation scholarship. 

“This is a unique opportunity to enable me to achieve my goal. The Foundation has set the foundation for me already by paying my tuition and fees.  Additionally, the Foundation has charged me to give back to fellow Liberians,” he said.

The Cummings Africa Foundation’s focus areas include education, health, entrepreneurship and small medium enterprises support, agriculture and address sexual and gender based violence.

The foundation also supports the Alexander B. Cummings Model Science and Technology School in Duport Road, Paynesville City, to ensure that quality education remains affordable to average Liberian working parents.