Liberia: CPP Rally Gathers, Anticipating Organizers

The Collaborating Political Parties’ much anticipated “We Tiyah Suffering” peaceful rally seems to be gathering with a few people assembling at the site of the rally in Paynesville, awaiting the arrival of the organizers. 

The rally, according to the organizers, is “intended for the suffering masses, and those injured by the failed and inept administration of President George Weah to amplify their demands for good governance and to end the worsening economic conditions in the country.”

Since the early morning hours, none of the rally's main organizers have arrived on the scene; however, contrary to earlier reports that the event would start at 1 p.m., our reporters on the ground have been told that it will now start at 2 p.m.

Officers from the Liberia National Police (LNP) arrived early in the morning at the front yard of the SKD Sports Complex to provide the maximum level of security protection for Liberians attending the rally, as promised by LNP authorities.

Less than a day prior to the rally, the driver of CPP Secretary General Martin Kollah "absconded with US$70,000 intended to fund the Dec. 17 rally," which appears to have caused a setback or distraction for the organizers.