Liberia: Club Breweries Seeks Congress’ Approval to Amend Article 45.1 of LFA Statutes

Monrovia Club Breweries has submitted several proposals seeking congress’ approval ahead of the 25th Ordinary Congress of the Liberia Football Association (LFA).

Key among the proposals submitted is the amendment of Article 45 of the LFA revised statutes.

The proposal calls for a change of the Vice Presidents for Administration and Operations positions to First and Second Vice Presidents as it is “best practice and in conformity to Member Associations, FIFA and CAF Statues.”

The Executive Committee (EC) currently consists of 13 members, one mandatory female slot, but Breweries in its proposal wants the EC to “consist of 15 members which includes: The President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, mandatory female member and ten other members. The position of the President and twelve (12) executive committee members shall be elected at Congress. The President shall propose to the Executive Committee the additional two members with equal rights. The President shall propose to the Executive Committee the Vice Presidents from the composition of Executive committee members. The Vice Presidents may be maintained or replaced after two (2) years. The third Vice President slot shall be reserved exclusively for a female.”

The club believes that this will give room to the inclusion of expertise not available within the EC of the LFA and also support the creation of opportunity for women’s participation in higher structures of the LFA leadership.

When amended and adopted by congress on April 18, the provision will take immediate effect before the conduct of the elections to enable all of the candidates to contest the Executive committee post excluding the President and the mandatory female member position.

Additionally, Monrovia Club Breweries also wants Article 49.1 of the statutes amended.

It states: “The Executive Committee shall meet at least twelve (12) times every year. The President shall convene the Executive Committee meeting If 6 members of the Executive Committee request a meeting, the President shall convene it within 7 days.”

Breweries proposed that “the Executive Committee shall meet no more than six (6) times every year. The President shall convene the Executive Committee meetings. The payment of Executive committee members’ honorarium shall be made based on full attendance at meetings, said payment shall include transportation and not to exceed two hundred United States dollars (US$200.00) and shall be taxable under the Liberia revenue laws.”

Breweries believes that the proposal, when adopted, will reduce the cost implication of meetings on the LFA and financial control not to exceed donor support and is also in line with best practice.