Liberia: Cemenco Opens Ganta Office

... — To enhance easy transaction with distributors

The Management of the Liberia Cement Corporation (Cemenco) has officially opened an office in Ganta as a means to ease the difficulty experienced by distributors in accessing the main office in Monrovia.

The Sales Area Manager, Mr. Robert O. Marshall, said the management of Cemenco decided to open the Ganta office in order to be closer to their customers and meet their needs, as well as introduce other products in that part of the country. 

He explained that Nimba was chosen because the county is one of the highest purchasers of cement in Liberia and creates an opportunity for the office to also serve both Bong and Lofa counties. Marshall added that the company will expand to other counties in the future, as the need arises but, for now, the Ganta office will serve the other closer counties.

“Nimba County, outside of Monrovia, is the second highest purchasing county, but that doesn’t mean that we will not go to other counties,” he said.

He explained that any transaction that can be done in the head office in Monrovia will also be possible at the Ganta office, so the new office will curtail the stress the customer faces in making their purchase orders.

“Distance services are hampering our business and this is why we are here. Also, we find the potential in this county, when it comes to distributorship,” he said.

The opening of the Cemenco Office in Ganta brought joy to the customers, especially the distributors, who also expressed delight for the coming of the company closer to their door. John T. Sarboah, Sr., a distributor in Ganta, said, “this will curtail the up and down we go through in putting in our purchase orders.”

He said sometimes when they go to the bank to pay for their purchase, the bank sometimes complains of the system outages, leaving them uncertain. But with the office now in their locality, it will minimize the extra commute and other up and down movements. The company also used the occasion to introduce a new product, describing the new product ‘as much cheaper and environmentally friendly.

The Technical Director, Manoj Jha, said the company is producing three types of cement, including 52.5, 42.5 and 32.5, respectively.

He explained that the 52.5 bag of cement is good for major infrastructures such as bridges, and dams, while the 42.5 bags are used for constructing buildings and casting beams or pillars. Jha said the 32.5 bag is a new product and is used for lesser works, such as the making of blocks, plastering, and lifting up of the wall.

He said the 32.5 bag is environmentally friendly and has less carbon dioxide, but it is effective and it is used for smaller construction projects.

“Most of the houses we are building don't require 52.5 or 42.5. Instead, you can use 32.5 to save money for other things,” said Manoj Jha, Technical Director of Liberia Cement Corporation.