Liberia: “Cassell’s Ramadan Message Intends to Deceive Liberians”

.... Says US-based former Liberian journalist

A US-based Liberian journalist Moses D. Sandy says Liberia’s Presidential Hopeful, Dr. Daniel Cassell’s recent call on the world’s Muslim community to remember Liberians in its prayers during this period of Ramadan was a calculated ploy by him and his supporters, mainly the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) to deflect the attention of Liberians from the felony charges he currently faces in the US for reported malfeasance.

Dr. Cassell is the vision bearer and political leader of the PLP. He’s a presidential candidate hopeful for the 2023 general and presidential elections in Liberia. 

Journalist Sandy said Dr. Cassell and the PLP are being dismissive about the seriousness of the crimes he and his New Jersey-based mental health, behavioral, and substance abuse agency, Kwenyan Professional Health Services allegedly committed. 

The PLP Leader and the management of Kwenyan Professional Health Services are charged for defrauding the US Medicaid program of more than 3.6 million dollars for shady services they claimed to have provided clients in New Jersey.

The Agency allegedly billed clients multiple times for questionable services it claimed to have delivered to them. 

On April 3, 2022, Dr. Cassell in a social media podcast targeted at Muslims claimed that the Liberian people need prayers because, “The safety, economic, and living conditions of Liberians are worsening day by day; and the majority of Liberians have given up hope due to the reality of the appalling leadership situation in Liberia”.

However, in a press release issued on April 10, 2022, Journalist Sandy, who is National President emeritus of the Association Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA), said while the PLP Political Leader’s message to the Muslim community seems plausible, he and the PLP’s foremost intent is to deceive Liberians and minimize the veracity of the crimes he and the management of Kwenyan Professional Health Services are accused of committing.

He said it is hypocritical for Dr. Cassell to publicly censure the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for reported misrule in Liberia while at the same time concealing the alleged fraud he and the management of Kwenyan Professional Health Services committed in New Jersey.

He said until the US government exonerates Dr. Cassell, and his agency of the felony charges levied against them for malfeasance, he, for now, remains unqualified to attack the CDC for any act of bad governance in Liberia. 

He said in the wake of the reported fraud charges, Dr. Cassell has lost the moral integrity for championing the cause of social justice and issues of morality in Liberia.

The PLP Leader is the founder of Kwenyan Professional Health Services. On March 17, 2022, authorities of the Clayton County Sheriff's office located in Jonesboro, Georgia, arrested and detained him for reported acts of dishonesty.

Authorities of the Clayton County Sheriff's office picked him up at the Atlanta Airport in Georgia, after he arrived in the US from Liberia where he lived for several months. He is a reported fugitive. 

According to news reports, he was later extradited to New Jersey for prosecution. He is now reportedly out of prison on bail. 

Meanwhile, Journalist Sandy says if Dr. Cassell is to be seen as a serious political contender for the Liberian presidency then, he must muster the courage to speak to Liberians and the people of the world about the alleged crimes for which he and the management of Kwenyan Professional Health Services are being tried. 

He said Liberians and the peoples of the world are eager to know about the status of the reported malfeasance case. He said the people want to hear from him and the PLP about the role he reportedly played in the alleged dupping of the US taxpayers. 

He said the Liberian presidency is a very important position, and Liberians are not prepared to support any politician that has a reported shady past for such office. 

He said while he is not prejudging Dr. Cassell and the others accused, he strongly believes that the PLP Political Leader now has a lot of explanations to do in clearing his name and that of his agency than dwelling on the lapses of President Weah and the ruling CDC.

Mr. Sandy noted, “Unless otherwise proven, Dr. Cassell has crumbled; and his political career seems to have come to an abrupt end.” Before his recent arrest and public humiliation for reported fraud, the PLP Leader was in contemporary Liberia, one of the notable humanitarian and biggest donors to community organizations and the poor.”

Dr. Cassell is 55 years old. He is a career psychologist. He previously worked as a Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC) in the Philadelphia and Bucks County areas in the State of Pennsylvania. 

He became a licensed professional counselor in Pennsylvania in 2008. In 2009, he was also licensed as a clinical drug and alcohol counselor in New Jersey. After securing the license, he started his career in private practice.

Following a year in private practice, the New Jersey Division of Child Behavioral Health approved his agency as an intensive in-home and community provider.