Liberia: British Empire Collapsed & Queen’s Dead

--- Next, tax exempted global charitable racism and the British monarchy must go and it’s time for confession, restitution and reparation, and visa waiver for all colonies

Editor’s note: The views expressed in this commentary are solely of the author and do not necessarily represent that of the Daily Observer newspaper. By Rev. Torli H. Krua

At a price tag of about $6.8 million dollars, President Biden is joining the ruling elites of the world, beneficiaries of the British Empire and Colonization to support the continuation of over a thousand years of the British Monarchy.

Meanwhile, 12 million undocumented immigrants and over 6,000 refugees of the Liberian civil war languish across America without access to humanitarian assistance and without permits to work for years, thanks to two hundred years of American colonization that began with an act of Congress that codified white supremacism into American life on March 26, 1790: “only white persons” could be citizens of the United States. 

Liberian refugees excluded from reprieves of two Executive Orders signed by President Biden are still languishing in the cold for years but President Biden’s Executive Orders protect Ukrainian refugees arriving this year. President Biden has poured billions of tax dollars into Ukraine to fight for “justice” abroad but he tolerates injustice at home for Blacks from Liberia, America’s 1st colony continues unabated!

With the inevitable power of death striking the Mother of the British Monarchy, it’s time for the mourning royal family and ruling elites, President Biden included, to pulse and perhaps for once, reflect on thousands of years and counting, of pains and grief unjustifiably inflicted on defenseless human beings who opposed colonization and the British Monarchy. Without concrete actions of revolt by voters who sustain this broken and corrupt system, the monarchy and the pain it inflicts continue unabated, the demise of the empire and queen, notwithstanding. 

There is no difference between the British Empire, British Monarchy, and British American Colonization which oppressed, tortured, killed, and stole the wealth and labor of nations worldwide and concentrated the wealth under the British Monarchy, throne, and crown in London as well as the economic foundations of the superpower-the United States of America.

The pulse and reflection we desire cannot happen when the ruling elites view the oppression of the British Monarchy and the American Colonization of Liberia as forgotten matters of history. As winter descends in 2022 across North America, vulnerable human beings across America, including Liberian refugees who have lived for years in the USA are still being subjected to needless suffering while their new Ukrainian neighbors are protected. 

As the British Empire has collapsed and the queen who presided over the monarchy for generations has died, so too must the millennium of brutality, injustice, and theft built on the falsehood of superiority of the royal blood be laid to rest. Instead of honoring the demise of the mother of colonization, white supremacy, slavery, and exploitation, it’s time for a fresh start with a confession, repentance, restitution, reparations, and reconciliation of all members of the human family- A great starting point for action is a passage from the Holy Bible that defies the idea of royalty and the foundation upon which the British Empire and colonization was built; superiority of the British Royal Family: “There is none righteous, no not one!…for all have sinned…” As evidenced by the collapse of the British Empire and the demise of the Queen, white supremacism, royalty and monarchy are all lies designed to exploit humans.

 I call on King Charles III to renounce the throne, abdicate and issue an official apology. Charles, please get a job and live like the rest of humanity. 

Meanwhile, President Biden is leading the spending of public money to sympathize with the monarchy and royal family without calling for confession, repentance, and reconciliation. Western religious charities and nonprofit organizations with tax exemptions have become the new breeding ground for white supremacists and racial discrimination worldwide.

One action that might draw the attention of the ruling elites and royalists to the obsolescence of the monarchy, colonization, and white supremacism is the movement for withholding votes for sustaining the ongoing harm of officially sanctioned racism within western nonprofits at home and abroad. We call for support for government regulations to end charitable racism by mandating diversity within nonprofits serving people of color or we shall withhold our votes until diversity becomes a reality. 

I call on voters of color and their sympathizers to send a strong message of the dawn of a new day of freedom by withholding all votes in this mid-term election or any immediate future election in solidarity with the victims of slavery, charitable racism, white supremacy, colonization, and monarchy dead and alive.

I call on the ruling elites to mitigate the ongoing harm of officially sanctioned racism, colonization, and white supremacism by joining the initiative for imposing government regulations on all nonprofits with tax exemption to be required to be diverse by the inclusion of qualified persons with lived experience and people of color on the boards and senior management of all nonprofit organizations organized to serve people of color. 

 By withholding our votes until diversity in the nonprofit sector is legalized in this year of the demise of the Mother of the British Monarchy and Matriarch of colonization, ordinary voters who unwittingly sustain the current corrupt system will send a powerful message to President Biden and other world leaders that the days of honoring white supremacism, slavery, colonization, and monarchy are over. A new day for public confession, repentance, restitution, reparation, forgiveness, reparation, and reconciliation. “Charity begins at home” and diversity must begin with charity because “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”