Liberia: BRAC Liberia Microfinance Renews Commitment

— Celebrates Customer Service Week

BRAC-Liberia Microfinance Company Limited (BLMCL), a leading provider of microfinance services in Liberia, has celebrated its Customer Service Week with a renewed commitment to excellence in serving its valued customers.

Customer Service Week is an annual international event celebrated worldwide to recognize the importance of customer service and the contributions of customer service professionals. 

BRAC Liberia Microfinance Company Limited began its celebrations on  Monday, October 30 to Friday, November 3, 2023.

BLMCL acknowledges the significance of exceptional customer service in building strong relationships with its clients and is excited to showcase its dedication to providing the highest level of service during this special week.

With a mission to eradicate poverty and empower communities, BRAC Liberia Microfinance Company Limited has been at the forefront of providing innovative microfinance solutions to the underserved population in Liberia. 

Over the years, the organization has positively impacted countless individuals and helped entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their dreams through access to financial services.

BRAC Liberia Microfinance Company is the largest microfinance provider in Liberia, having started operations in 2008 with the mission to provide a range of financial services responsible for people at the bottom of the pyramid. 

It is the largest microfinance provider in Liberia, operating with 42 branches, and has disbursed US$33.7 million (Cumulative) from January to September of this year. 

It mainly focuses on women living in poverty in rural and hard-to-reach areas to create self-employment opportunities, build financial resilience, and harness women’s entrepreneurial spirit by empowering them economically.

During Customer Service Week, BRAC Liberia Microfinance Company Limited expressed gratitude to its loyal customers for their continued trust and support. They also engaged in various activities and initiatives to enhance the overall customer experience and strengthen relationships with its clients. 

Through its specialized training programs, workshops, and interactive sessions, employees were equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure prompt, efficient, and personalized service delivery.