Liberia: BobbyJayTv Gives Back to Motherland

Bob Jacobs was born on December 3rd, 1994 in John F. Kennedy hospital of central Monrovia, Liberia. He shortly fled the country with his family from war at the age of two.

Growing up in Ivory Coast and Guinea, a young star became destined to capture the concept of change and the upheaval of illiteracy amongst his fellow West Africans with a keen focus on helping improve the lives of many Liberians in years to come. 

At the age of ten, young BobbyJayTV was blessed with the opportunity to commute to the United States of America. There, persevered his way through education, diligently working to build a professional and public platform for which he would later use to edify others around him.

His natural etiquette and desire to learn and captivate the minds of others led him to get nominated for numerous fashion and leadership awards: New England African Entertainment and Leadership, interviews with Senators, Armon & Trey, King Combs, Davido, etc. 

Being determined to make a bigger impact, BobbyJayTv works with his team to annually headline fundraisers and food drives with an emphasis on helping children and the elderly. 

Whats next? The Liberian native has plans to build and fund a community center to begin his groundwork in Liberia. The plan is to include a YMCA-style facility that has numerous sectors preserved for children and the safety of young adults and the elderly.

This is to focus on learning, improving the physical and mental health of Liberians, and their knowledge of health science, mental health, and technology. BobbyJayTv and his team ask that the world anticipates their breakthrough as they continue to work to make difference in the lives of thousands; for together, the possibilities of accomplishments are endless!