Liberia: Boakai Not Interested in Title, But the Work

 President Joseph Nyuma Boakai

Calls on gov’t officials to be effective, efficient on duty; Commissions a new batch of appointees

President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has said he did not come to the presidency for the colorful trappings, the prestige, or the mere title. He stressed that he is here with the commitment and conviction to build a good country that will serve the Liberian people.

The President underscored his dedication to serving the Liberian people and building a prosperous nation while commissioning a new batch of government officials recently at the Executive Mansion.

He emphasized the importance of officials committed to the country's progress and encouraged a focus on fulfilling the government's promises to provide opportunities, infrastructure, and a strong economy for the people.

The President expressed satisfaction with the progress made by the government within the two months since taking office and highlighted the engagement with stakeholders to address critical issues such as energy accessibility.

The commissioned officials represent various ministries and agencies, with the President affirming his confidence in their capabilities to support his vision for a better Liberia. He stressed the importance of officials aligning with the administration’s agenda and fulfilling their obligations to the people.

The President also expressed determination to ensure that the government operates effectively and prioritizes the country’s best interests. The newly commissioned government officials include ministers, directors, and other key positions across different sectors.

President Boakai emphasized the importance of integrity, trustworthiness, and alignment with the government’s objectives in his administration. The President conveyed pride in the government’s achievements thus far and reiterated his commitment to advancing the nation’s development agenda. The recent ceremony was the second batch of officials that the Liberian leader has commissioned.

President Boakai on February 22, commissioned his first batch of officials where he noted that the program was the culmination of the process of setting up the government, having identified individuals to play respective roles in the governance of the country.

He noted that although he would have liked to have the full complement of heads of ministries, agencies, and commissions for the event, he was delighted to commission some of the country’s experienced and dedicated women and men to start full service for the citizens.

“When we officially took office, we informed the country and the world that the “business-as-usual” approach to government would be a relic of the past for this administration, and we mean it. This is why we expect nothing less [from] the ministers, heads of agencies, and advisors to be commissioned today, and the others to follow later, to execute the mandate of their respective offices and perform their duties efficiently and selflessly for the public good.”

“The cabinet, as the highest decision-making body of the government, must perform at the highest level, delivering on the government’s priorities to achieve the developmental agenda we have set for the next six years. We will expect ministers and heads of agencies to demonstrate their capabilities and competencies in achieving our goals, including the execution of immediate interventions in the 100-day deliverable plan.”

According to President Boakai, as the government is composed of three branches, they would not follow the development road without constructive interactions with the other entities. Amb. Boakai continued, saying that his government wants the courts and the legislature to play a part in enhancing the quality of life for our population by collaborating completely with us.

Meanwhile, the latest batch of officials of government commissioned by President Boakai were the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Francis Sakila Nyumalin, Sr.; Minister of Information Cultural Affairs & Tourism, Mr. Jerolinmek Piah; Minister of Mines and Energy, Mr. Wilmot Paye; Minister of Transport, Mr. Sirleaf Ralph Tyler; Minister of Post & Telecommunication, Mr. Sekou M. Kromah; Minister of Labor, Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah; Minister of State Without Portfolio, Mrs. Mamaka Bility; and Minister of State Without Portfolio, Special Services, Mr. Samuel Stevquoah. 

Others commissioned were Director General of the General Services Agency, Mr. Galakpai W. Kortimai; Director General of the Civil Service Agency, Mr. Josiah F. Joekai, Jr.; Director General of the Cabinet, Mr. Nathaniel Kwabo; Brigadier General Davidson F. Forleh, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia; Director of the Executive Protection Service, Mr. Sam Gaye; Commissioner General of Liberia Immigration Service; Mr. Stephen J.H. Zargo; Director of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, Mr. Abraham Kromah; Monrovia City Mayor, Mr. John-Charuk S. Siafa; Paynesville City Mayor, Mr. Robert Bestman; Commissioner General of Liberia Revenue Authority, Mr. James Dorbor Jallah; Commissioner of Liberia Maritime Authority, Cllr. Neto Zarzar Lighe; Director General of Liberia Broadcasting System, Mr. Eugene L. Fahngon; Director of the Liberia Fire Service, Mr. Warsuwah G. Barvoal; Director of LISGIS, Mr. Richard F. Ngafuan; Director of the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Julius D. Dennis, Jr.; Managing Director of Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation, Mr. Mohammed Ali; Director of Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority, Ms. Marilyn T. Logan; Executive Director of National Disaster Management Agency, Mr. Ansu V.S. Dulleh; and Chairman of the National Investment Commission, Mr. Jeff Blibo. Deputy Minister for Administration of the Ministry of State, Atty. Cornelia Kruah Togba and the Deputy Minister for International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Bakri Nyei, were the only Deputy Ministers commissioned.