Liberia: BlueCrest University Inaugurates School of Fashion, Design

BlueCrest new school of fashion and design, inaugurated and expected to commence classes in July.


The BlueCrest University has inaugurated the nation’s first school of fashion and design, an initiative that is being considered a great step toward spurring a culture of entrepreneurship in Liberia. 

The new school of fashion and design focuses on makeup artistry, skin types, natural makeup and eye makeup, casual and glamour applications, lashes, eyebrows, and strobing.

The inauguration ceremony took place on June 4, at the university's new annex campus in Congo Town, and was witnessed by government officials, students, and staff of the BlueCrest University. 

The President of BlueCrest Dr. Umesh Neelakantan said the new campus will have vocational and technical courses in advanced higher education of information technology, fashion and design, management, NGO management, digital marketing, and many new generation perspectives.

“It is important that E-Learning engagements suffice the requisites of transforming society. Science and technology have proved that innovations evolve the best-transformed status through thoughtful interventions,” Dr. Neelakantan said.

Dr. Neelakantan said Information Technology has become more or less part and parcel for any country to progress and BlueCrest’s dominant domain has been this synergic domain of information technology. 

He said BlueCrest believes that the stake of a citizen in a country progresses when a person acquires the benefit of information passage. “The stake of a person is elevated when one absorbs the speed at which the world is progressing,” he said.

Accordingly, he said BlueCrest has been able to bring in radical thoughts for more than two thousand learners to date through the opportunities created dominantly via information technology.

Dr. Neelakantan said as on date, BlueCrest as a higher education platform has evolved into an advanced status of providing learning portfolios like Cloud computing, Cyber security, advanced software programming, established and advanced networking platform, health analytics, data science and many others. 

He said learning is a never-ending process and it is mandatory that every government shows the keenness for providing the fillip of progress to educational groups with farsightedness and strategic plans. He expressed hope that BlueCrest will be recognized and benefit from the Ministry of Education’s financial assistance that is being provided to several academic institutions. 

“Very important financial assistance is being provided to many academic institutes. I am sure that BlueCrest will also be recognized with necessary financial assistance by the government for all the good contributions being made to this country. We have applied for very important project grants, but I fear it has gotten stuck up due to some formalities. We request your good office to help us in formalizing these grants,” Dr. Neelakantan said to Saku S. Dukuly, Assistant Minister for Science Technology, Vocational Training and Special Education at the Ministry of Education, who serves as guest speaker.

Assistant Minister Dukuly, representing the Ministry, said the aspirations of the Liberian labor market for what the center will achieve for all those who will pass through these walls in the years ahead is perhaps the most important.

Mr. Dukuly lauded the BlueCrest administration for providing Liberians the opportunity to acquire twenty-first-century workplace skills.  According to him, it’s worth noting that BlueCrest is one of the front runners in IT education and training with the core objective of addressing the IT needs of Liberia. He said the Ministry of Education remains committed to ensuring that the goals and aspirations of the institution are fully realized. 

“We all will agree that we live in a time of rapid change — a change that is often not predictable and not always positive. The best way to manage change, whether positive or negative, is to anticipate it and prepare for it,” Mr. Dukuly said. 

Mr. Dukuly said he has come to the conclusion that there is no greater form of preparation for change than education.

“I also think that there’s no better investment that the individual, parents and nation can make than an investment in education of the highest possible quality,” Dukuly said. 

Dukuly disclosed that the government, in collaboration with donor partners, especially the European Union, the Swedish, French and German governments is providing substantial financial support to strengthen the Liberian Technical Vocational Education and Training sector in its capacity to deliver equitable and gender balanced access to high quality and demand-driven education.

Meanwhile, the BlueCrest School of Fashion and Design is expected to start classes in July, 2022, according to BlueCrest’s authority.