Liberia: BlueCrest Offers Additional Scholarships to 23 Undergrads

(L-r) Jusu M. Sheriff, the dux of the assessment test alongside Dr. Umesh Neelakantan, President of Blue Crest



BlueCrest Liberia continues to offer scholarships for undergrads to pursue higher education as part of its ongoing support for president George Weah's pro-poor agenda in the educational sector.

Over the weekend, 23 recent high school graduates received scholarships from the university. After passing an assessment test they took on January 14 of this year, the students were given the scholarship.

The recipients of the scholarships will enroll at the university to begin their undergraduate studies in business administration and information technology.

The scholarship, which goes by the name "Let's Make Liberia Great (LMLG) Scholarship," is meant to help students pursue BSC in IT and BBA degrees as a "heartfelt mandate for supporting the Pro-Poor Agenda of the Liberian government."

In all, 65 students submitted applications for the scholarship this year, which is the second time the university has offered it.

The president of the university, Dr. Umesh Neelakantan, is of the opinion that investing in education is one of the best long-term investments one can make for the development of any nation.

Dr. Neelakantan congratulated the students and reaffirmed BlueCrest's dedication to helping the less fortunate with scholarships as a way of promoting social empowerment in society. 

He said that the university is also preparing to roll out a new scholarship program for undergrads pursuing diplomas in fashion design and information technology. 

Since its founding in 2014, BlueCrest Liberia has pursued an interventionist course of advancement, assistance, and support for the Republic of Liberia. BlueCrest's continued existence solely depends on providing high-quality education to interested parties in this nation. 

In addition to expanding the reach of higher education to all interested groups of people in Liberia, BlueCrest Liberia has considered ways to improve higher education's spirit. 

The scholarship sets the agenda of BlueCrest Liberia’s vision to make Liberia rich and great through the best learning portfolio backups. 

In November 2022, the Board of Commissioners of the National Commission on Higher Education authorized the University to commence operation in providing IT degrees at the master’s level for an initial two-year period.

The university has had 6th graduation convocation, with hundreds of Liberians and foreign nationals earning their undergraduate degrees and diplomas in IT and Business Administration at the University.

At the program when the university was given the go-ahead to offer a master's degree, Dr. Neelakantan said that the university has visualized a full-fledged university campus in Liberia, and it will not be limited to IT as a course offered.

“BlueCrest’s primary goal is to ensure that Liberia develops into an education hub in Africa because we want this nation to grow.”