Liberia: BlueCrest Holds 5th Graduation Convocation

BlueCrest University’s President Dr. Umesh Neelakantan presents a degree to one of the graduates.   

BlueCrest University College on Saturday, March 19 held its 5th graduation ceremony where a total of 40 students graduated in different programs ranging from Bachelors, and Diplomas in Information Technology (IT), Business Administration and Fashion Design.

Since 2014, the BlueCrest University, one of Liberia’s premier  IT universities, has imparted a “mindset of progress” among learners through different portfolios in IT and has evolved into an advanced status of providing learning portfolios like cloud computing, cyber security, advanced software programming, established and advanced networking platform, Health Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep learning technologies, Big data analytics and many more. 

Bong County Senator Prince Moye, who delivered the keynote address on the topic, “Digitized Education as a Driving Force for Societal Transformation in the 21st Century,” urged the graduates to be assets to society, as the education acquired “is crucial to the forward march of our dear country, Liberia. The impact required of you after today remains cardinal and uncompromising. 

Be an asset wherever you find yourselves,” Senator Moye said.

According to the Bong County Senator, the importance of digital education cannot be overemphasized, as it will become even more useful as time progresses.

“As a country, we need to move along with the wave of these changes, by firstly seeking to understand how these systems work and position ourselves as important participants. Institutions such as BlueCrest and others, with support from the government, and in partnership with the private sector must now start to think about how they can be a part of understanding these developments.

“In the 21st century, technology has a variety of uses. The sector has helped people in many ways. This sector is benefiting everyone. First, in the field of education, there has been a major change. People now can easily gain new information even if they are not physically present.

“The way of teaching has changed compared to before. Distance education has come into the light. This does not require the person to be present in the class. Everything has been done with the help of technology. Due to this, people can save their time for other work as well. We easily get online tutors to help us study whatever we want. The time of teaching from the blackboard has gone,” he said.

"According to the United Nations’ digital technologies impact report, digital technologies have advanced more rapidly than any innovation in our history – reaching around 50 percent of the developing world’s population in only two decades and transforming societies. By enhancing connectivity, financial inclusion, access to trade and public services, technology can be a great equalizer."

Senator Moye further urged the graduates to align their education with the digital revolution in “changing people’s lives, and positively impacting your generation, but most importantly, your nation, Liberia. I am quite sure that you will be a good ambassador of BlueCrest University College. 

As an alumna of this institution, it is expected that your conduct and performance wherever life takes you will serve as a motivational factor for many others in search of a credible institution that stands and works for academic excellence.”

Dr. Umesh Neelakantan, President of the BlueCrest University, reaffirmed BlueCrest’s higher education interventions as the university has set a vision for making Liberia as the Educational hub of Africa. 

“BlueCrest is never here as a foreign higher educational institute, but BlueCrest is here to contribute to this country. We have all advanced amenities to offer the best advanced courses for Liberia. This helps the citizens of this country to avoid the logistical hardships of going to other countries for getting educated. This also helps all interested learners to reduce his/her unnecessary overhead costs.  BlueCrest has one of the best intellectual capitals in this continent of Africa, especially in the field of highly advanced information technology interventions. We have intellects, who have published more than 180 brilliant international research papers in big data analytics, Health analytics, Database Management, Cyber security and many more. These intellects have been able to mentor budding youngsters to prove valuable and creative platforms. It is very important that the government leverages these established intellects at their doorsteps,” Dr. Neelakantan said.

According to Dr. Neelakantan, learning is a never-ending process and it is mandatory that every government shows the keenness for providing the fillip of progress to educational groups with farsightedness and strategic plans. 

“Investing in education by the government should have no limits because the returns for the government are never calculated in terms of monetary benefit. Instead, the returns are translated for great citizens to evolve with newer thought perspectives, social initiatives, philanthropic quests and great business initiatives.”