Liberia: Bishop Klayee Vindicated

... "I knew I was Innocent," he says

A dark cloud must have been cast over the religious community, following the sudden dismissal of Bishop Allan Klayee from the Roberts International Airport (RIA).

But with time, he has been declared ‘not guilty of any wrongdoing and has come to express his gratitude to God and all who supported him. He says he knew he was not guilty and, as such, he remained calm.

In his response yesterday, following his clearance certificate by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) in Monrovia, Bishop Klayee said his freedom, which was not manipulated by anyone, came to reassure Liberians that amid the turbulent times, mainly with reports of rampant corruption, “there are still men of high moral consciousness” in the country.

“Let me thank God for all He has done for me and continues to do for me and all of His trusted servants who serve Him with all their hearts. I am also grateful, especially to my wife and my Church for standing with me, trusting and believing in my innocence and the possibility of my freedom from any guilty verdict,” he said as his supporters who accompanied him at the ceremony cheered him on.

On July 6, 2021 President George Weah, through his press and public affairs office, announced the dismissal of Bishop Klayee for what the President described as ‘administrative reasons’. The Bishop and some of his co-workers were subsequently placed under a criminal investigation by the LACC.

Klayee’s then deputy managing director for operations, Martin Hayes, was called on to act in the capacity of Managing Director for the Airport, the position he still holds.

After months of investigation, the LACC, on December 15, 2021, reported to the public that Bishop Klayee was not found culpable of any wrongdoing and that the investigation on him was closed.

LACC cleared Bishop John Allan Klayee as well as George Yuoh, who worked as chief financial officer, of allegations of payroll padding and financial impropriety at the Liberia Airport Authority.  

“The investigation finds that the leadership at the Liberia Airport Authority did not take cognizance of the HR policy and financial standing of the institution when considering the recruitment of employees at the LAA. The LACC in the course of the investigations saw no criminal liability on the part of Bishop John Allan Klayee and George Yuoh in the discharge of their duties,” Cllr. Edward Martin, executive chairperson of the LACC, told journalists at a press briefing on December 15.

Klayee appreciated the LACC for impartially investigating the matter and bringing it to a logical conclusion without any fear or favor.

“I am not above the law. I know if I had truly done any wrong, I should have been punished in accordance with the law. This is why you had the freedom to do your work. We had no interaction except to give my statement as required by your office. Thank you,” he told LACC.

He added: “There are still ambassadors of Christ in this land. I am positive that the image of the Church won’t get destroyed overnight. I am thankful for my receipt of this LACC clearance vindicating me from all liabilities as I served the RIA.”

He said he has forgiven all those who doubted his innocence.

“In this festive season I would like to extend an olive branch of love and forgiveness to those who doubted and said all sorts of negative things about me. I pray that as the truth has been revealed, we can work together once more for the good of the nation,” Klayee averred.

He thanked President George Weah for affording him the opportunity to serve his country through the RIA.

He continued: “As a key religious figure, I can assure President Weah that I will continue to give my support through prayers and supplications in whichever way for him to achieve his vision and dream for the country.”