Liberia: Bea Mountain Disburses $450K Clan Development Funds

Laar, Mana, and Darblo clans citizens received development funds from Bea Mountain.  

Liberia: Bea Mountain Disburses $450K Clan Development Funds

Bea Mountain Gold Mining Company has begun the disbursement of a US$450,000 development fund to three clans in Grand Cape Mount County.

The disbursement, which started on November 22, will be used for the implementation of projects in the Laar, Mana, and Darblo clans.

It can be recalled that in May of this year, the company completed the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the clans for the implementation of the clan development fund for the Laar, Mana, and Darblo Clans in Grand Cape Mount County.

Additionally, on November 21, the company completed the signing of a payment certificate document with the Project Committee of the Laar Clan to implement those projects.

As per the enclosed contract between the people of Larr Clan, Laa-Ma, and Gopoe Liberia Incorporated, it is for the construction of the Jennemana Peace Town Hall.

The amount of US$6,000 was given as advance payment for their contract, which constitutes 30% of the total project cost of US$150.

During the signing ceremony, the Project Committee Chairman of Laar Clan, Charles D. Cooper, lauded the company for the funding and promised his committee’s commitment to fully implement and maintain the projects.

He also mentioned that when these projects are completed, it will strengthen the relationship between the clan and Bea Mountain.

Also speaking, the youth chairman of Laar Clan, Sirleaf Gondah, appreciated the management of the company for buttressing the government’s effort by taking development to the citizens of Laar Clan.

He promised to work closely with the committee to ensure that these projects are fully implemented.

In separate remarks, the Community Relations (CR) Superintendent of Bea Mountain, Henry V. Vincent, assured the Laar Clan Project Committee of the company’s full compliance with the availability of funding to implement all projects in the three clans of Gola Konneh District, Grand Cape Mount County.

Vincent told the citizens that the management of the company was very excited for the signing of the landmark projects.

He reiterated Bea Mountain’s General Manager Reza Karimiyan’s commitment to ensuring that the clan development funds are available annually.

Vincent urged the leadership of the county and clans to support the company initiatives for the common good of all.

He also called on them to see the projects as their own, which will boost their relationship with the management of the company and avoid protest, which has the ability to delay the smooth implementation of the fund.

Vincent promised that he will continue the signing process with Mana and Darblo Clans within the coming days to jumpstart their projects.

“We anticipate that these projects in Laar Clan will be completed within three months, and that chiefs should mobilize resources to assist local contractors in completing these projects on time,” he said.