Liberia: Basic Questions Voters Should Ask Themselves Before Voting on November 14, 2023

Why is our country just the same way, while other countries are moving forward?

How are we doing things in Liberia that are different and causing our country to not move forward?

How are our voting patterns and choices affecting the growth of our country, our wellbeing, and the future of our country?

Both as individuals and communities, what kinds of development do we want?

  • Do we know who among the plenty of politicians is able to bring about the changes that we want? 
  • Are we voting for people who have good names and records, or do we only want our bellies to be filled for today? 
  • Are we thinking about our future and our children’s future before casting our votes? 
  • Are you ready to reject the little things that politicians give you today that could eventually undermine your and your family's future tomorrow? 
  • Did voter apathy/confusion and the presence of many political parties and politicians on the October 10 ballot play a role in the way you voted?

With only two political parties in the runoff for the November 14 election, ask yourself what they have both done to improve your life and our country. 

  • Note that to improve the lives of you and your family as well as move Liberia forward:


  • Anymore because of money; because of tribal affiliation; because of friendship; or because you are from the same community; because you come from the same sub region; because you belong to the same fraternity or social club; because you are from the same political party; the same Church or Mosque; the same family; or because somebody paid your way previously to go somewhere to vote;


  • The candidate who you think can improve the life of you, your family, and the entire country. 
  • Vote for the person who will improve our healthcare, our educational system, reduce crimes and violence in our country, vote for the person who will improve our security system, our justice system, our roads, our electricity, our youth by creating jobs, vocational schools and stopping drug abuse because drugs are killing our children. 
  • Vote this time around for the person who respects women's rights, children's rights, and cares for people living with disabilities.  
  • Vote for a candidate who is not corrupt and who will punish people who are corrupt and violate human rights.
  • Vote right, do not listen to Negative Propaganda, Stop Elections Violence, Protect and Respect our Peace.
  • When you change the way you do things, you will see big changes and your life will improve, and our country will develop and move forward.

A message from the Platform for Dialogue and Peace.