Liberia: Baptist University to Construct US$50M Campus Facility

(Left-r) Dr. Samuel Reeves. President, LBMEC,Dr. Linda K. Moseki, Botswana Engineer, Dr. Levi Zangai, President, WRTBU

Plans are underway for the construction of a new campus facility for William R. Tolbert Baptist University, which is currently being hosted on the main campus of Ricks Institute in Virginia, on the outskirts of Monrovia. 

The site for the new project is in the same vicinity as the university’s current home, authorities disclosed on Thursday, October 26. The William R. Tolbert Baptist University, which was launched in February 2022, aims to provide quality education, develop God-centered leaders, and change agents for the betterment of society.

Dr. Samuel Reeves. President, LBMEC,Dr. Linda K. Moseki, Botswana Engineer, Dr. Levi Zangai, President, WRTBU

To further enhance the university's facilities, the President of the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention (LBMEC), Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves, Jr., along with other prominent Baptists, entered into a grant agreement with John Standfield, an American firm. This partnership aims to construct a new Baptist facility worth US$50 million.

Supervising the construction is Engineer Dr. Linda Moseki, a renowned engineer from Botswana who has designed and supervised the construction of several universities in Africa. Dr. Moseki is supported by ASARPI, the company hired to construct the university, through a Memorandum of Understanding.

The new Baptist University will cover a total of 250 acres of land, out of the over 1,000 acres owned by the LBMEC on the Ricks Campus. The construction will take place in two phases, with the first phase involving the development of 125 acres situated North-West of the existing Ricks Campus. The remaining 125 acres will be utilized for the WRTBU farm in the second phase.

The new facility will feature an administrative section, the Senate Quarters, a chapel, a library, and dormitories for both men and women. The university aims to accommodate 500 female students and 600 male students. Additionally, the various colleges within the university will have dedicated deans and professors.

Dr. Arnold G. Hill, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, reveals that Dr. Moseki is currently engaging in consultations with relevant government sectors to obtain the necessary approvals and regulations for the construction of the new university. Key discussions have taken place with institutions such as the Ministry of Public Works and the Environmental Protection Agency.

At present, William R. Tolbert Baptist University has an enrollment of 250 boarding students and plans to commence academic activities shortly after the November 14, 2023, Run-off Presidential Elections.

One notable feature of the university is its commitment to providing each student with a computer in their boarding room, where all their books will be installed for easy access. This initiative sets the university apart as the first in Liberia to offer such convenience to its students.

Having received approval from the National Commission on Higher Education in October 2022, the William R. Tolbert Baptist University is currently being operated near the main campus of Ricks Institute in a north-western direction.