Liberia: Banking Institute Unveils New Career Program



The Banking Institute of Liberia (BIL) has unveiled a new career development courses dubbed the “Enterprise Program”, or Professional Development and Business Development Training.

Launched on Thursday, May 25, at its Warren and Clay Streets office in Monrovia, the new career development course is designed to upgrade the professional skills of stakeholders in the banking and financial sectors. 

It also aims to provide the requisite knowledge sets to people wishing to enter the banking and financial sectors.

BIL is a corporate training institute specialized in banking, corporate financial management, and other financial and non-financial related disciplines.

Speaking at the well-attended ceremony, Richard S. Panton, BIL Director General, said support for the institute is a glaring manifestation of their desire to build capacity to improve performance aimed at engendering effective and efficient service delivery in the banking and financial sector of the Liberian economy. 

“The institute is mandated to provide cutting-edge training and capacity-building support to improve the managerial, administrative, and professional competencies of staffers in the banking and financial sector, provide banking and financial management training and consultancy services, and build the capacity of those desirous of entry into the sector,” Panton said.

He said that, consistent with this mandate, the institute has trained over 400 staffers across the banking sector.

Panton added, “Today, we gather here to launch what we at the Banking Institute call the Public Engagement Training Program, otherwise referred to as the BIL Enterprise Program.”

According to him, the program is a two-tier training package that is comprised of professional certificate courses in banking and finance, internal audit and controls, lending and credit administration, compliance and corporate risk management, procurement and supply chain management, digital banking, and human resources, while the business development courses are microfinance management, small business development, and entrepreneurship. 

“Today is yet another day to say thanks to God for achieving a major milestone in the history of the Banking Institute of Liberia,” he declared.

Panton, who is an assistant professor, disclosed that to be admitted to the professional certificate courses, one should be either a college graduate or a prospective college graduate, while the business development courses admit high school graduates and senior-level university students.

He said these capacity-building initiatives will provide the requisite skill set and knowledge to up-skill the professional and managerial competencies of staffers in the banking sector, as well as capacitate those wishing entry into the sector with the required skills and knowledge for effective performance to engender efficient service delivery.

Panton further expressed the wish to elevate these certificate courses to diploma level with specialization.

At the diploma level, he said, participants will have the opportunity to benefit from internships to acquire hands-on skills and knowledge to prepare them for entry into the labor market.

Panton stated that the faculties of this program are drawn from a pool of Liberia’s top-notch banking and financial management professionals armed with blended learning methodologies. 

“This is our way of beginning the consolidation and institutionalization of banking education in our country,” he said. “We are convinced that with trained and skilled personnel in the banking sector, there will be undisputed effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery.”

He further used the occasion to appreciate the Board of Directors, the Executive Governor, and the Senior Management of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) and the Liberia Bankers Association (LBA) for their continuous support of the work of the institute.