Liberia: AWLN Host Strategic Meeting to Support Women Transformational Leadership

Participants at the AWLN-Liberia strategic meeting held in Monrovia


The African women leadership network, Liberia chapter on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 held a strategic women's meeting meant to provide guidance for young women to enable them to overcome political, social, and economic barriers.

The meeting, which was held at Musu Spot - in Congo Town, also brought together young women and prominent women from diverse backgrounds, to create awareness against violence against women in leadership.

And as well as an understanding of women's transformational leadership, and expanding its membership through networking with other women's organizations.

Providing an overview of the network, former education minister, Dr. D. Evelyn S. Kandakai, revealed that AWLN Liberia aims to design and implement partnerships and strategies that enable women in Liberia to fully exercise their right to participate in leadership.

Dr. Kandakai revealed that the network seeks to ensure women's representation in social , economic and political life, through training and mentoring of young women by having young women and girls integrated into all programs that prepare them for leadership roles and for a greater impact on sustainable development in Liberia.

During the presentation, Atty. Falcia B. Harris provided that AWIN also seeks to combat violence against women in elections, and any act that targets women candidates, voters, activists, or political participation.

Atty. Harris added that any act that suppresses women's political participation and leadership is anti-democratic and undermines democracy, equality, and the principle of free and fair elections.

She asserted that in Liberia, women face various forms of violence, including physical assaults, threats, and discrimination, because of the perception that women should not be in leadership positions. something that she believes undermines democracy.

At the same time, Liberia's former foreign minister, Ambassador Marjon Kamara, added that the African Women Leadership Network Liberia chapter was founded in December, 2019, to build and bust women's transformational leadership skills and practices.

Ambassador Kamara added that the network also provides transformation of discriminatory norms, values, practices, and public perception in support of women's leadership, by increasing access to resources for women leaders and their organizations or businesses.

And as well as influencing the reform and implementation of the formal institution process, policies for women's leadership.

In furtherance, Ambassador Kamara added that AWLN Liberia is currently decentralized as a semi nationwide women's network, networking with other women's organizations across the country, mainly WANGOSO.

She concluded that the network will work with the national elections commission to provide civic voter education and election awareness.

The African Women Leaders Network (AWLN) is a continental women's organization that consists of a vibrant network of accomplished women leaders with outstanding trails in the political, business, academia, science, community, and general leadership arenas, as well as a pool of accomplished, talented, innovative young leaders and professionals, with notable achievements, striving to reach their leadership potential and be impactful.