Liberia: APSCO’s Offices Vandalized, ‘Key Documents’ Stolen

Some unknown men stormed and vandalized the American Procurement Services Corporation (APSCO) Liberia head office, located at the corner of Warren Street and Camp Johnson Road, Monrovia, at around midnight on November 30,

Speaking to the media on December 1, at the APSCO office in Monrovia, the senior advisor of the company, Mr. Sherlock Mahn, said the unknown men broke into the company’s offices and took away some sensitive documents. 

Already, APSCO is in court with a big private company operating in the country.  Mahn said that the crime has already been reported to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Liberia National Police and that the CID has launched an investigation into the crime. 

The premises of APSCO are under the protective watch of a private Security agency, called the Wright Security Guard. Unfortunately, following the incident on November 30, the Wright Security management wrote to terminate its contract with APSCO, but APSCO rejected the termination letter on grounds that investigations are ongoing until findings are concluded and made public before such decision can be discussed or reached. 

MMahn expressed shock and disappointment over the act, especially at a time when his company is fighting a legal battle with another company. He then expressed confidence in the Criminal Investigation Division for a professional conduct of the investigation and that those involved be brought to justice.  

According to him, the unknown men forcibly opened all offices of the two-story building and burst all drawers. Yet, they did not tamper with any of APSCO’s assets, except for documents which the company considered as ‘sensitive’. Mahn noted it is worrisome and scary for him and his staff that unknown men would break into his offices and only target documents and not other valuable items. 

APSCO is an American Corporation organized in 2010 with its head office located in Wilmington, Delaware. The company says it provides international procurement services to the U.S. Federal government, foreign governments, development agencies, and institutions in developing countries, primarily in the African Region. Through its local branch in Liberia, APSCO has supplied yellow machines and dumped trucks to the Monrovia City Corporation; recently completed the Ganta-Gbarnga Grid of the Trans border electrification project; and has also procured equipment for Roberts International Airport. 

APSCO’s management team has more than 30-plus years of experience providing complex logistics solutions to United Nations peacekeeping missions, USAID, and World Bank development projects. “We pride ourselves on timely delivery to any location in the world — even under extraordinary circumstances — along with first-rate customer service and support,” Mahn said.