Liberia: Amos Claudius Sawyer Foundation Extends Congratulations to Liberia after the Elections

— Advocates for unity, transparency, and inclusive governance

“The voice of the Liberian people has been heard, and their vote respected. This has resulted in the election of a new President,” says a release from The Amos Claudius Sawyer Foundation. “The Liberian people are to be commended for their unwavering commitment to democracy.  This achievement serves as a testament to the maturity of Liberia's political landscape and the collective yearning for progress.”

According to the release, signed by The Sawyer Foundation’s Founder/Executive Director, Frantz Sawyer, President George Manneh Weah’s graceful concession of defeat represents a pivotal moment in the nation's history and ushers in a new era in African leadership.  President Weah’s statesmanship in the conceding and his commitment to a peaceful handover of power, reflect political maturity and a deep understanding of the principles that are key ingredients needed to positively change the course of Liberia’s fragile democracy. We commend President Weah for said action.  

“Congratulations are also extended to President-elect Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai for his hard-fought campaign and subsequent victory,” the release said. “He now has the formidable task ahead of navigating the governance of a seemingly divided Liberia by ensuring inclusivity, diversity and a focus on the priority needs of the Liberian populace. 

“As the afterglow of winning and losing wanes, Liberians must turn their attention from election to the transition and reality of the challenges that lie ahead.   Deep socio-economic and political divisions continue to exist and cannot be ignored.   Both outgoing and incoming administrations must set the example by working collaboratively and with inclusivity to facilitate a seamless transition.  The turbulent undercurrents of destitution must be calmed while addressing lingering socio-economic and political divisions within the nation.

The release notes that the transition priority should be open and honest communication to ensure the President-elect and his team have the necessary information on past decisions and build on the successes of the Weah Administration and address the evolving needs of the nation. Liberia’s forward progress depends on a united effort to prioritize the common good over individual or partisan interests.

“As we celebrate this momentous occasion in Liberia's democratic journey, let us collectively commit to upholding the values of transparency, inclusivity, accountability, and unity. The Amos Claudius Sawyer Foundation stands ready to support initiatives that promote democracy, good governance, and sustainable development in Liberia,” the release concluded.

The Claudius Amos Sawyer Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing social justice, education, and democracy through inclusive and sustainable initiatives.  Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to create positive, lasting change by fostering informed citizenship and supporting programs that promote equity, resilience, and responsible governance.