Liberia: ALL Presidential Candidate Berates ‘Drug Trafficking Officials’

Presidential candidate of the African Liberation League (ALL) Sara Beysolow Nyanti

The presidential candidate of the African Liberation League (ALL) has strongly condemned the importation of illicit drugs into Liberia, a syndicate that allegedly controlled top officials of the government. 

Reverend Sara Beysolow Nyanti’s statement comes barely two days following the seizure of a huge consignment of boxes containing a highly addictive substance, methamphetamine, imported into the country through the Roberts International Airport.

State authorities had stated earlier that the consignment contained “Moringa tea leaves”. The government had to backtracked on its initial stance and did the needful after reports of pressure from the international community.

This condemnation by Nyanti, who is the former UN Assistant Secretary General, highlights the urgent need for a comprehensive approach to tackle drug trafficking and its detrimental effects on society.

The ALL presidential candidate’s statement underscores the grave concern regarding the involvement of government officials in drug trafficking. It exposes a worrisome trend where those entrusted with upholding law and order are themselves engaging in criminal activities. 

“This revelation, she said, not only erodes public trust but also undermines the credibility and effectiveness of governance institutions. It is imperative that immediate action be taken to investigate these allegations thoroughly and hold accountable any individuals found guilty.”

The former UN Assistant Secretary General, expressed her concerns on Tuesday, where she commended the vigilance of Armed Forces of Liberia personnel for their role in alarming and seizing drugs at Roberts International Airport.

Her commitment to safeguarding Liberia’s sovereignty against corrupt and nefarious practices is unwavering. 

Nyanti had previously pledged that, under her leadership, she will establish a whistle-blower account to reward loyal citizens whose actions lead to the arrest and conviction of individuals involved in drug trafficking within Liberia.

She further extended her heartfelt appreciation to the Armed Forces of Liberia personnel who intercepted the illicit drugs and promptly raised the alarm. 

This act of patriotism underscores the importance of collective efforts in combating the drug trade within the nation.

“The solution to the drug problem in Liberia goes beyond the rehabilitation of our affected children; it also involves intercepting the importation of harmful substances. We must put an end to the importation of drugs,” she emphasized.

She reaffirmed that the fight against this scourge is one of the central pillars of her presidential candidacy.

The African Liberation League, under Nyanti's leadership, stands resolute in its dedication to eradicating the drug trade and protecting Liberia’s future generations. 

Nyanti called upon all Liberian citizens to join in this vital mission to ensure a safer and drug-free Liberia.

Furthermore, her condemnation sheds light on the devastating impact of illicit drugs on Liberian society. Drug abuse has far-reaching consequences, including increased crime rates, health problems, and social instability. 

By addressing this issue head-on, the ALL presidential candidate emphasizes her commitment to safeguarding public welfare and promoting a safe environment for all citizens.