Liberia: The 2023 election was a win for all Liberians

The Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) commends President Weah for conceding defeat to President-Elect Joseph Boakai of the opposition Unity Party (UP). In the wake of a threat to democracy in West Africa (Mali, Niger, and Burkinfaso), President Weah’s concession speech demonstrates a mark of leadership and statesmanship. The conduct of a free, fair and transparent election is a fulfillment of the president’s commitment to holding a credible election.

Liberia is about to mark another historic milestone wherein one sitting democratically elected President will peacefully transition power to another democratically elected President in January 2024. This process will make Liberia a beacon of hope for democracy in West Africa. At the same time, the ECC hails all Liberians for exercising their Constitutional right in a
peaceful manner. This victory belongs to all of them.

The closeness of the election results reflects how divisive the country is, and a major priority for the new government will be healing and national reconciliation in order to set the stage for consolidated democracy and sustainable development.

As the nation awaits the transfer of democratic power to the President elect, the ECC calls on the UP to work closely with the sitting Government to develop a comprehensive transition plan to ensure that the process is done in a smooth and inclusive manner. The transition should also include an assessment of the country’s financial and logistical assets and make the findings public in order to foster transparency and accountability within our governance system.