Liberia: 20 Female Firefighters to Receive Training in ‘Tactical Driving’

The Liberian National Fire Service and Rescue Service, with support from the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), is poised to train more than twenty female firefighters at the training academy in Monrovia beginning Monday, November 27, 2023. 

Training female firefighters in tactical driving is a crucial step towards improving overall effectiveness and inclusiveness within the firefighting profession.

According to the release, improved tactical driving skills not only allow firefighters to reach the scene of a fire or accident swiftly, but also enhance their ability to navigate challenging terrains, congested traffic, and adverse weather conditions.

Moreover, training female firefighters in tactical driving not only empowers them with the skills needed for their profession but also promotes gender equality within the fire department.

Historically, firefighting has been a predominantly male-dominated field, with women facing numerous challenges and stereotypes. By actively supporting and providing equal opportunities for training, departments can create an inclusive environment that recognizes and values the unique contributions of female firefighters.

This initiative will not only enhance the overall capabilities of the fire department but will also encourage more women to pursue careers in firefighting, as they witness the commitment to gender equality and professional development. Ultimately, training female firefighters in tactical driving is a step towards a more diversified and efficient firefighting force.

These female law enforcement officers will undergo a comprehensive three-month driving training course focused on improving their knowledge and skills in Tactical Driving. 

The training aimed at increasing and strengthening gender diversity and active participation by equipping female firefighters with tactical driving skills required for them to grow and develop professionally.  

This three-month long training will be hosted at the Liberia National Fire Service Training Academy located at Starbase, Bushrod Island, Monrovia Liberia. 

To strengthen the assistance and support being provided by IDLO, the Director General of the Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service, Col. Alkex K. Dickson, is expected to hand over to the LNFS Training Academy a newly acquired Toyota four-door pickup. 

In addition, the Director, Col. Dickson will also make available to the training academy, mattresses, and fans for use by the academy during the training period. 

Under the leadership  of Col. Alex K. Dickson, the National Fire and Rescue Service has continued to witness unprecedented transformation and advancement. 

This has ultimately led to the rebranding of the entity, enhanced the overall significance of the firefighting profession, and created more attractions nationwide.