Ziggy Ray Ft. K-Zee on New Hot Single


It’s no secret that featuring big and popular artists on a track can take your career to another level. The question now is that would this theory work for fast rising HipCo rapper Ziggy Ray’s new single ‘Baby Namah’ featuring K-Zee Bigname?

The answer to that question is yet to be determined, but judging from the heavy rotation the song has been receiving on six radio stations, including OK and King FM, since its release last week, the song is proving to be a banger

Just a day after the song was released, K-Zee, who is considered the King of Gbema music, and recently cemented that title with another win at the recent Liberia Music Awards as the New Age Gbema Artist of the Year, flooded his Facebook page with cover photos of the single, calling it a “hit song.”

“Baby Namah” is the second single from Ziggy Ray, ‘the gifted six-year-old HipCo rapper,’ after his first single “Ziggy Ray in the Building” was well received by music lovers and ended going viral.

The title of the single “Baby Namah” is a colloqua phrase used in coaxing a crying baby.

A statement from the Ziggy Ray team said, “They think K-Zee was the best person for this single looking at his catchy Gbema flow, and he did just that. Apart from that they have a personal connection that worked well together. The song is already becoming a hit, we hope the fans will continue to show love for it.”

Currently the youngest known Hipco rapper has performed at more than 10 local shows in the country. The young prodigy also makes beats and plays the drums in his father’s studio. Sources say the child phenom is also working on his debut EP.
Stay tuned to for more details as they continue to emerge.


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