“Zero English” Album Released

Recording artists on the Zero English mini album (clockwise): Shadowman and Peter G, CIC, Kanvee Adams, Tawah the Great, Mz Menneh and Tialee Ticker

Listen to CIC, MZ Menneh, Others, singing exclusively in their native dialects

The long-awaited Zero English mini-album, which features top six rated Liberian recording artists who sing only in their dialects, is now released.

These Liberian artistes include Shadowman and Peter G, Kanvee Adams; Tawah the Great, Mz Menneh, Tialee Ticker and CIC, who did excellently well on the cool-tempo album that will leave you inspired forever.

The album comes with catchy hooks, sing-a-long choruses, and its cool tempo songs make it impressive. The Zero English album is well mixed and mastered, a perfect mini album clinically produced and good for your listener’s pleasure because it is without profanity. However, the mini-album is a banger that is good for parties and clubs.

Berenice Mulubah, CEO of C Liberia Clearly

Berenice Mulubah, CEO of C Liberia Clearly, the brains behind the project, said the mini album is a Liberian arts and culture project intended to promote traditional music.

“We are slowly disconnecting from our culture and it is up to us to make sure that our culture is passed down to the next generation. Music is the best tool to promote culture. I have reached out to more than six artists, but only six came through. I sponsored this album because of my love for my nation, my people, my culture and the generations behind me.

“I want my fellow Liberians to enjoy the sweet melodies in our native tongues and to share that melody with the rest of the world.  Thanks to these amazing artists for working on this masterpiece,” Berenice said.

Interestingly, all the songs on the Zero English are good and simple.  Zero English is a product that features languages ranging from Gio to Mandingo and is a highly professional piece that anyone listening to will instantly fall in love with.

No fun — the Zero English album is well-cooked to satisfy your dance and listening desires.


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