Yvonne Nelson Identifies With Down’s Syndrome Children


Top Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has identified with children with down syndrome from My Heart Appeal, saying it was not their wish to be born like that, so they needed everyone’s care.

“For me I do charity everyday, even when I’m driving on the roadside, I help people who are in need. It is something that is part of me and it is not everything that we do goes in the media,” Yvonne said.

“I intend to give them support any time they need my help. I can not just neglect them, under not condition.”

The actress added that charity should be part of everyone’s daily life, not waiting to do it once a year, adding that people should not wait for the holiday season before recognizing with these kinds of people in the society, but should rather do so on an occasional basis.

“The fact that I could see smiles on their faces means a whole lot to me. It is quite unfortunate that people are born that way, but it is not their fault. They did not make themselves like that. They are human beings like us, and every country needs to give them special support,” she added.

She said that the Liberian and Ghanaian governments should build special centers where the kids can be taken for treatment to specialists to help them improve their condition.

“When you have such a problem, you are neglected by the society, even sometimes your own parents. But having trained specialists to take care of them, makes it much better,” she said.

Commenting on her tally of movies, Yvonne Nelson said among the movies she has made, “If Tomorrow Never Come is the best.”

“People who follow me as an actress or who has been following my career will notice something difference from all the movies I acted in.

“People have the mindset that I’m how they see me in movie, looking all glamorous. But I decided to put all that aside to nail the character in that movie and I believed I did my best,” the award-winning actress said during a short interview for her movie premier.

Yvonne disclosed that the reason she shot If Tomorrow Never Come is that she heard the sad story of a little boy which touched her deeply, leading her to want to share his plight with the world.


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