Why Quincy B’s Best Friends Left Liberia

Left: HomeBoy Jethro, right: Yung Class Weezy

-The industry needs more talented artists

When the above picture surfaced showing the late Quincy B’s best friends in an airplane leaving Liberia, many thought the duo wanted to escape from the pain and emptiness of losing their friend and music promoter/engineer.

That was not the case.

According to the duo, they left to better the industry and themselves. HomeBoy Jethro and Yung Class Weezy said they left for Ghana to learn professional audio production.

“And to also be able to come back to Liberia to reopen the studio (Heartbeat Records)” Jethro exclaimed via FaceBook.

Jethro said he has already produced a song in Ghana called ‘Weed’ after only being there for a little over a month. He said things are going well so far in Ghana.

Before Quincy B’s untimely passing, Jethro and Yung Class Weezy were two of his closest friends, even his first priority, something he stressed wherever he went.

In an interview over a popular radio station weeks after QB passed, Jethro said they had been roommates for over 4 years, and on the morning QB passed away, his last words to him were: “Lock the door, I will be right back.”

Jethro said he is still waiting for QB’s return.

On the other hand, Yung Class Weezy instantly fell in love with QB’s talent and ability to engineer any beat when he arrived from Ghana back in 2014. He said they became inseparable, spending all of their time, music and activities together.

There was never any rumor that the two had any altercations during their years together at

Heart Beat before QB switched to ALM Records.

That was until QB passed.

According to a source very close to the two, Young Class Weezy and the entire Heart Beat

Records had been kept out of QB’s life months before his passing. The information spread like a wildfire after he passed, though it is not clear if they also stopped communicating before he passed.

Infectious Michael had this to say about it all over the phone: “I never wanted these kids to separate, but somewhere along the way they did and I wish I could have been there to stop that.”

True to his word, Infectious, who spoke with many including this paper about his continued support for the young artists, has been able to help them.

“I just sent the other two brothers of my late son Quincy B, Yung Class Weezy Smith and HomeBoy Jethro Sirleaf to Ghana to go learn Recording Engineering and Music Productions.

They will be the new official Producers and Engineers of Infectious Michael Recording Studio in Liberia upon their return. Thank God that they’ve arrived safely. Only God can do this,” he said.

While it is a very painful thing to lose an icon like QB at so young an age, those who he left behind are using their pain as ladders to get themselves to another level.

Even after his passing, QB’s friends continue to remain loyal to him. “I just want QB to be proud of me, that’s all,” stated Jethro.

And Infectious Michael will continue to give them chances in life by not giving up on them.



  1. Instead of trying to educate the average Liberian on issues before the election, this is news? Liberian observer has really gone down. Nobody gives a crap about whether or not these two young men left the country. What we care about are empty promises, why are our kids not learning, why is rape continuing, who is the better candidate, and other issues.

  2. Wow, actually sir, a proper newspaper has sections. News, politics, health, ARTS&ENTERTAINMENT.

    Please go check the New York Times, Washington Post, or whatever backwards ass town in Minnesota you appear to be from.

    There are plenty of political and daily news stories available on this site for you to read as well. You people come up with the craziest things to complain about.

  3. Mr. Patriotic what world are you living in? These kids are leaving Liberia to learn and come back with something to give to Liberia I assume it’s not an educational agenda right? Correct me if I’m wrong. Or better yet, it’s not important to you because your only concern is polictics. If that is so, follow the news that talks about politicians and what they will do for you and Liberia. For us on this other side of thinking, this is something important to us. Underline two key words EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT.

    Nice try though, but come back next time with something better.

  4. Every news outlets has a section for little bit of everything. Yes, this article is about entertainment. You don’t like skip the page. Your comment tells a lot about your IQ mister politics!!!….lah really it…😂😂😂😂

  5. Wow, every so-called Liberian writing nonsense. This should be under entertainment. Yes, of course they will “better” themselves with a song called WEED. Oh grow up all of you. We need information and education. For your info I am in Liberia, Mr. factFinder. Perhaps you need to go and check your facts. and for you talking about intelligence quotient (IQ) , don’t use crying faces, use your words and commas. Most of you are the ones who spend all night in the clubs dancing and singing foolishness.

  6. I beg Mr. Patriotic, lets define what that name means and just calm down a little on Observer fan’s and reader’s. Thank you for your comment and we will focus a bit more on politics, at-least in the entertainment industry.


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