Why DenG Said He Quit


“Kemah” hit maker DenG has confirmed that his comment on quitting music and describing it as a waste of time was intended to know if Liberians still cared about his career.

“That post was just publicity and I did after noticing that most people ignore our calls for more support. I was just trying to wake people from there sleep to see if people really care about their own,” DenG said via a telephone interview with LIB Life.

The post immediately received more than a hundred comments after the colloqua singer made his pronouncement on his Facebook page on January 7.

“The comment speaks for itself that Liberians only show up when there is a problem; and when you do a post about your music, they neither share it nor like it. Even if you share your song on an iTune link they don’t go there to make a purchase, but as soon the worst happens, they show up.

“I was doing it in general for all artists who complain about lack of support. As for me the support I have gotten over the years other artist do not have it. I want to also wake up the minds of the people that entertainment in Liberia deserves the same equal support as other sectors because it is relevant for national development,” DenG added.

A day later, the award winning artist went back to his page and posted an apology to his fans saying: “I sincerely apologize to all of my fans around the world for calling my passion, which is music, ‘a total waste of time.’ I am truly sorry for saying that. Y’all please forgive me, and I’m grateful for mama Liberia.”

Deng said that Liberians really love and care about their own, “this much is true seeing the amount of comments, phone calls and messages in my inbox…it’s amazing, and I am shocked.”

“Liberia will rise again and I’m not quitting music; I’m here to stay. Liberian music on my mind ‘whole day, all day,’” DenG said in that post.

The popular colloqua artist revealed that a music video for his song “Put Foot” will soon be out.


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