Why DenG, Ericgeso, Christoph and Soul Fresh Are Not Making Hits Anymore


A little while back, DenG, Ericgeso, Christoph and Soul Fresh, just to name a few artistes, were headliners rocking whole towns and cities with their music.

As their songs rocked Liberia day and night, their fan bases accordingly extended outside of Monrovia.

This extension played a critical role in their rise to local superstardom, which can also be attributed to their conscious lyrics and their abilities to tap into their fans’ musical tastes and desires.

From DenG’s ‘Kemah,’ to Ericgeso’s ‘Go Home,’ Christoph ‘Hold Your Polaruh,’ to Soul Fresh’s ‘Drop It and Wrap It,’ these artists rocked the nation like wildfire, making them ‘the people’s choice.’

However, in recent times, these guys seem to be slipping, despite releasing quality singles that can’t seem to go pass a month after their release dates to just fizzle.

Take DenG, for example. From ‘Make Dem Talk’ to ‘Some Done Some Na Done,’ it now appears that the top notch artist has lost his lyrical prowess. The two singles’ ‘hot lifespan’ didn’t go past a month after their release dates, maybe owing to the fact that they have a similar message to his first hit single ‘They Vex,’ without being as catchy.

Both songs fell short of tapping into his fans’ expectations, and the lyrics appear to lack that power that could speak directly to the soul.

For Ericgeso, who came to into the limelight about two years ago through the club banger ‘No Spacing,’ he is now struggling to maintain his momentum. Once regarded for his lyrical deftness, he fell short of such an appraisal in the singles ‘Resurrect’ and ‘Fall Down and Die,’   which messages were out of touch.

In addition, his lyrics are neither on point nor touching.

Now, Christoph, arguably the best rapper right now, is struggling to hold on to his spot despite releasing about four singles in sequence this year, which has not gone too far. The songs appear now to just be dying down.

From ‘Marry Me,’ ‘Handbag,’ ‘Hipco 101,’ and ‘Hipco 102’ the lyrics appear to be disjointed, with similar rhyme patterns and wordings, and the messages just off track.

Lastly, the group Soul Fresh, onetime best rap group in the country, is not doing well these days. This is evidenced by the group’s two singles ‘Red Bank’ and ‘Sweet, Sweet, Bad, Bad Dance,’ which lyrics are replicas of ‘Red Bank,’ with a similar message to ‘Drop it and Wrap It.’


  1. I appreciate what you write, This make so much sense, repeating lyrics is too much these days, it is not only you saying this. Their fans are saying the same. I understand some of the artists you named here are calling you names but that’s just what make you someone great to point out the true about what they are doing.
    Keep up the writing and i am following you always and reading your articles. Great work.

  2. It has now come to a point that Liberian Artists need to start making better songs for people to appreciate for God’s sake. All those songs that have no lyrical meanings need to stop so that our stars will start receiveing int’l awards. For common example songs like red bank , tell ur that I here , rude rude thing, etc. They are songs that only gave bad image to Liberia’s entertainment.


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