Where to Get Liberian Music


As Liberia’s sound begins to improve and gradually being welcomed on the international scene, young Liberians are getting in the business of promoting their country’s struggling entertainment industry.

Abraham Kromah, who is also referred to as AB Lincoln WondaBoi, is one of those young Liberians whose passion to help promote the already struggling entertainment industry led him to develop an online platform intended to give fans a better way to share and download their favorite artists’ songs through “Hulkshare,” free of charge.

AB Lincoln WondaBoi noted after falling in love with Liberian music, he one day woke up with an idea to begin promoting Liberian arts and culture.

From that moment, the passionate AB Lincoln started to realize his dream by doing promotions on social media, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

“After doing promotion on social media for a while, I decided to link with Hulkshare to develop a music platform site that will enable fans the opportunity to get their favorite artists’ music from anywhere, regardless of location,” he said.

Since last year, when the site became more accessible to music lovers, AB Lincoln revealed that the most difficult challenge the site is currently experiencing is getting songs from the various artists, “since many of them feel too big and believed that their team can do all the promotions.”

“Sometime artists send me their songs via WhatsApp, CShare, and Bluetooth, whenever we meet, but other artists will refuse. I see this as very challenging, but it served as a motivation for me to constantly talk to them until I get what I want,” AB Lincoln noted.

He said despite these challenges, promoting the works of artists is part of his life now and whatever they do or talk about can never distract his vision for the struggling industry.

“I love what I do best. It is my job so I have to make it as easy as possible,” AB Lincoln added.

Another frustration for AB Lincoln is that a lot of artists have not fully grasped the business concept of making music and the effort promoters are making to gave them a better career.

“But If I may grade them, the good ones are 15 percent; and the rest are timid. Nevertheless, the team, which consists of young, passionate and intelligent musical soldiers, is willing to work at anytime no matter the situation.

“We are now planning to build a new site (www.wpl.com) that will encourage fans to buy their favorite artists’ songs and thus we will be able to pay the artists royalties,” AB Lincoln said.

Consequently, AB Lincoln is appealing to Liberians from all walks of life to go to the sites www.hulkshare.com; www.wondapromotionslink.com to get the latest Liberian music.


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