What’s Up with Jon Bricks and Berenice Mulubah?


The news of the breakup between international Hip-Co rapper Jon Bricks and his manager, renowned blogger Berenice Mulubah, is one of the most talked about topics on social media.

“I heard the split resulted from a possible new relationship between Jon Bricks and a Chinese woman in which he has been posting pictures with on facebook,” said a source who asked not to be named.

“So far, both Bricks and Mulubah have ended the relationship and as of date, there are legal issues between them with regard to Zama Records. Jon bricks has even removed the tattoo of Berenice Mulubah on his arm and chest, replacing it with an unidentified Chinese woman’s name that he has not shown to anyone yet,” the source confirmed to LIB Life.

“Jon Bricks introduced me to his parents and kids as the love of his life,” the talented Berenice Mulubah told LIB Life in a March 2015 interview. “And in return I introduced him to my parents and kids as the love of my life. He has my name as a tattoo on his arm. I think it is safe to say we are in a committed relationship.”

LIB Life has gathered that the breakup has ended not just the couple’s intimate relationship, but also their professional relationship.

However, a source close to Jon Bricks has implied that the rapper may still be open to work with Mulubah when it comes to the business side of things.

“Jon Bricks did not deny news of the breakup,” the source said, “but he is now moving on with life and his career. He is focused on family life and his upcoming concert and has no time for negative energy.”

Berenice Mulubah has laughed the entire situation off as being “interesting”.


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