What LIB’s Music Industry Deserves in 2016


Jersey International promotions and event planners Prince Horace, Debbie Ivy and Debornic Wilson have become somewhat of an S.O.S for a lot of Liberian entertainers; they are hopeful of becoming more than just confidants in 2016.

“We want to help build the success of our industry in 2016,” Debornic Wilson shared during an LIB LIFE interview.

“We want to do our best to uplift the music in Liberia; that’s all that matters right now, “he said.

Apart from running an award winning organization that oversees the promotion, exposure and endorsement of a lot of concerts and big events, including DenG’s recent Australian tour, award ceremonies (LMA, LEA) and artist, Debornic Wilson revealed to LIB LIFE that Jersey International intends on exhausting its assistance to keep its title as the best promotional team.

“I visited Liberia a couple of months ago to assess things, including the entertainment aspect, and visited places like Red Eyes, Hott Fm and places where I feel Jersey International can create something good pertaining to the music industry,” he added.

While Jersey International plan on transforming big name artists into platinum selling ones, the Jersey International trio have an humanitarian side to them that includes helping children.

“We do our best to uplift the music in Liberia but we also center our attention on sending school supplies for two schools in Liberia. I checked out the two schools to make sure those areas are covered,” Debornic added.

Jersey International is known for promoting big names like Eric Gezo, k-Zee BigName, Soul Fresh, Benji, Young Muse, David Mel, G-Rize, Pitty D’ Best, Shadow and more. According to the trio, Jersey is always anxious to add more to its list – a list that scripts top stars.

“The challenge is, in the states, artists have not made noise here because they don’t know the industry in Liberia, including Young Muse, Benji and Black Diamond and Raw Pekin. They are worth promoting because they are very talented,” Debornic said.

“We are very transparent and we always look out for Liberian artists, try to help and pay for their videos. Regardless of who they are, whatever help it is the artist needs, we help whenever we can. The only problem is one or two have taken advantage of our kindness and exploited us.”


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