By Charles G. Tiah

Life is chess, not a guess work, and needs a mindset that earns a success

Life is smart guess, not a chess-work, most times what is planned leads not to triumph.

Life is faith and work, not guess and chess, the results are already laid out – go out for them

If life is a guess work, do the wishful-thinking and sleep in your bed and rest

If life is chess, think hardest and realize you are wrong for only smart guess and risk work

If life is faith and work, do not think, just believe and step out and you may be gaming your life

Yes life is a faith that needs a mindset and believing heart

Or keep wandering around the wilderness’ mountains

Yes, too, life is a courageous chess, take an adventure with a compass and you could discover an America

Now I know, life is more of a wisdom work than mere guess, cook and then sell your porridge to an Esau, take the birth right and enslave generations like those who give the economy to foreigners and then sleep and rest

Still, life is more of faith and work, like Ruth that Clings to Naomi trading her gods in faith

And working on the field that leads to the palace and redeemed wasted years

You both could be right: life is either a chess work or faith and work…….

NO! Only this is true: Life is Chess!

In chess we think first, then move bishop diagonally.

Pawn is push two steps forward at first chance or one step ahead

Horse springs back and forth

And there is rook

Queen has great liberty to move about while the king moves one step at a time

A thoughtful plan leads to victory

All these are brain works and that’s Chess….Life too is exactly so…..

NO! Only this is true: Life is Faith and Work!

In life there is a pattern of time- seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years

Each year repeats the same pattern so are many that revolve in a circle in spite of their brain or chess works

They fail because the path of each one’s life is already laid out; if any other route is treaded disaster is near

One needs faith attested by conviction to access the right path that leads to success

Because life is chess so there are certificates, diplomas, degrees: BA/SC; MA/SC; and PhDs, these are the keys to success…

But are these among life’s most successful? Are they?

Though they may be the key but do you know which of the billions of doors your key may open?

Perhaps you may be trying for centuries and your degrees may not work

Therefore, only this is true: Life is faith and work

In life we play chess, we play smart guess and risk but success does not depend on thinking and moving the pawns or estimations

This is the chess of life: line up to the POTTER’s design, have right wilderness mind-set: roll back Egypt’s reproach; break tents; step out across the Jordan with courage and

Faith, keep obeying and you will overcome Ayi, bring down Jericho, and the giants. And when you are in the land, know manna has stopped falling because the land is productive.

So faith and work. This mind set is not moving bishops diagonally

Or thinking … It’s accessing the marked out designed of God

And in faith working out the faith work: Ephesians 2:10

So life is faith and work!


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