What a Relationship!


By Joseph N. Boakai Sr., Vice President of Liberia

Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone

Entered into strange Relationship

With a wicked lady, “Ebola”

She is cunny, comes first as malaria

But later shows her true face

In all of three weeks

She turns on her true color

Runny stomach, bloody nose

Skin rapture and throwing-up…

She has misinterpreted God’s intent

For marriage-till death do us part

She makes sure you go together

She is not easy to divorce

Don’t go to Church,

She kills pastors

Go to the Doctor and make sure

You don’t compromise your health

Get rid of her at all cost

Never in the history of Liberia has the country been so devastated by a health calamity such as the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). When the deadly virus engulfed our dear country, it inflicted pain and agony on the already war-wearied and impoverished people. With determination, the scourge attacked and killed thousands of innocent Liberians. It tore families apart and further devastated an already weak and unstable economy. It set the people against each other on one hand and against their government on the other hand. Like her neighbors Sierra Leone and Guinea, this seed of discord kept Liberia in isolation once again bringing back the horrible memories of the fourteen-year civil crisis. Indeed, citizens were not only consumed by fear and apprehensions but became hopeless and eventually lost the courage to confront this common enemy…but not all was lost. With the determination, fortitude and efforts of the citizens combined, a common front was in sight. Human and financial resources, communities and organizations were mobilized and with faith and perseverance, Ebola has been defeated.

These poems do not only reflect the Author’s immeasurable contributions to the fight against the Ebola Virus Disease but a clear manifestation of how a united people with a common goal can surmount a challenge of any sort or degree.


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