“We Have to Set Standards Around Here”

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DJ As A Boy is not your average media personality or entertainer, he’s one of Liberia’s leading showbiz promoters. When it comes to being proud of who you are and what you represent, DJ As A Boy tries tremendously hard to tell the world about Liberia in his own way.

“That’s why I’m called DJ As A boy, I’m humble, straight, strong, faithful and submissive as a boy would be,” As A Boy stated.

Many know him as Duplex Rickey Jaeploe, shareowner of a marketing, entertainment and promotional company called Liberty Entertainment.

“We just signed artist Co.Z, that’s one of our ways of giving back and we hope to sign more Liberian artists,” he added.

He’s also involved in numerous projects that have permitted him to stretch his promotional capacity in diverse directions towards helping the Liberian entertainment industry.

“I’m also a Producer/TV host and radio announcer at Kings FM, Clar TV and City FM. I run an online program and work with the Exclusive Magazine. Right now I’m trying to open my own magazine called The Shizzle. It’s going to be strictly about Liberian entertainment; no foreign things.” he stressed.

DJ As A Boy has not only made a remarkable change in the way entertainment is seen through media over the years with his broadcasting skills, he has also been aiding  artists who go to him for help.

“I see the Liberian artists in the street begging everyday and when they come to me for help I usually get in the street with them to see what best I can do to help,” he said.

DJ As A Boy has won three awards since 2007 for his role in promoting the Liberian music and film industries, and for also having a genuine passion for what he does naturally.

When it comes to the promotion of music, DJ As A Boy prefers to surround himself with only Liberian content, never allowing any foreign content into his broadcast.

“Coming to the promotion of music, I wake up every day and come to Kings FM to promote Lib music. I sit on TV and promote Liberian videos. I have an online program called DJ As A Boy, I have a page called The Shizzle where I promote Liberian artist from all around the world that I talk to everyday. I only play Liberian songs; I don’t play any other songs on the radio. I write entertainment only on Liberian stars, I check behind my artists; I know about them and help their game,” he added.

In as much, one may be wondering where it all started for this humble yet friendly entertainer.  When asked about his passion for entertainment, most especially Liberian entertainment, he had this to say:

“I’ve been entertaining since I was 10 years-old. I used to go around singing. Five years ago, after I stopped playing basketball and couldn’t play anymore, I promoted it and started basketball and entertainment promotions.

I’m doing it because I have passion for it. It’s a passion and what I want to do. I’m capable enough. I love entertainment; it strengthens your mind, soul and spirit. Each time someone performs in front of you, it helps change your lifestyle and helps make you a better person, and helps give you a new look about yourself.”

Furthermore, according to the DJ, he did not reach to the height he finds himself today because of connection or who he knows, it’s simply because of his hard work despite the challenges he had to face.

“Some of the challenges we face as entertainers are the way people think about us. As entertainers, we have to set the standards around here.  You see Funk Master D, DJ Blue, Lady Emotionz and the late Ralph Lincoln (Shot out to him and may his soul rest in perfect peace)? These guys are trying to set the standard for other people who actually want to follow the game. You have to believe in what you want to do; you have to go after it. You have to actually be strong about it. I’m proud of these guys who are setting a standard.” He noted.

Meanwhile, DJ As A Boy has already begun to venture into two new undertakings to include a memorial service for the late lifestyle/entertainment writer Ralph Lincoln, a project that he looks forward to.

“I’m Working on Ralph Lincoln funeral memorial February 28, 2014. We want to do a memorial night on a Friday. Ralph played a very important role in the entertainment industry we cannot root that up; we have to give him his flowers. People don’t want to do that, so we’re going to do it.  Ralph never received a good burial, and we have to make our presence felt since we never had the chance to do that. We have to do that to help ourselves in the future also,” he sadly added.

With a People’s Award in the works as well, DJ As A boy says that Liberians should be given gratitude for their positive contributions to its development.

“The people’s award is for the people, and people look up to us as entertainers to do something like that. Let’s do the people’s awards and give back to people because if you want to move forward in life, you have to know where you are from.

Why can’t we organize a program at least honor these guys and give them the flowers while they are alive?” he questioned.

As the Liberians would put it, DJ As A Boy has been “trying his best” to make a difference in a country that hardly wants to accept the music industry’s next level.

“I think the entertainers in Liberia have not looked upon entertainment as another way of life; it helps in growth and development in our country. I think [our] entertainment needs to be given a fair shot and be appreciated for what it is and does for us as Liberians,” he closed.


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