‘Very Important Music’


Let’s admit it, if you’re an artist and you’re looking for a way to be discovered and want to do it on a platform that is a vehicle for discovery, what do you do? Get your song (s) on a playlist, I would say.

A recent statement coming from HottFm and Blue Link Records’ managing Director Bernard ‘DJ Blue’ Benson, emphasized on how playlists are “a big way to build a song’s popularity and (an) artist’s career.”

DJ Blue would know. His station began a cliché that literally put a lot of things in order in terms of revealing new artists and songs. With almost 700 Liberian songs to select from almost every radio station, LIB Top 75 picks the ‘dopest’ 100 and gives it a quarter spin.

“Every day artists are producing songs and artists have to wait three months before HottFm will add it there; by then it will be old,” stated an artist who was against the playlist at first.

Stats from stage managers in Liberia say that all of the songs that were being played on the HottFm playlist for the past four months had the highest request and followers during the Season.

“Everyone has gotten used to the songs and artists. When the artists performed it on stage, the group that sang along with them was not easy,” stated Jimmy D during HottFm’s Jingle Bells Beach Jam.

Listening in on calls during DJ Las’ afternoon show proved that many followed the playlist to know what songs are actually circulating around the world.

“HottFm is an online radio station that is followed by more than 150,000 people internationally. A playlist that has such a large audience will take an artist to a whole other level. We saw what the playlist did for Starmelo’s ‘Rude rude Tings,’” he added.

Meanwhile, HottFm has released 44 bangers as part two of its LIB Top 75 playlist, which was leaked and is being played in places like Miami Beach. The playlist is a mixture of dope Liberian tracks from all parts of the world by a variety of artists.

Here is the final listing.
1. Atulaylay – Queen Juli Endee ft Flavour
2. Make dem Talk – DenG ft. Kcee
3. Welcome to Liberia – Christoph
4. A Geo – Christoph
5. Scientific – Ain’t Got Time (Prod. By Hasty Baba)
6. Ma U Gifted – Kobazzi Y
7. We run it – 2switt ft. Coolnani, CIC, Christoph, Venny,
8. Olukupy – Quincy B
9. Baby Yoo – AG DA Profit Feat. Shuaibu
10. Bumping-Hipco AG-DaProfit ft T-Story Dad-Cool
11. C.I.C ft. F.A John Buttay prod. by Kizzy W
12. Chiller Coolnanee – One more Chance
13. Some More Con C coins Feat. DenG
14. Fall Down Die – Eric Gezo
15. Holy Ghost Fire – Flexx
16. Free Rap Bonus – SPEEDO
17. I Here- PCK L Frankie
18. Backa-Yard – Kizzy-W-Feat.-C.I.C.-
19. Mr. Smith (LIB Money) – Let’s Go Play
20. Cuddle-Boy – Miz Manneh
21. Shout Out – CIC ft Christoph, Coolnani
22. Soulfresh – Red-Banks-Prod.-Stone-LuckShine
23. State of the Nation – cypha D’King
24. Sweetz – Like Your Business
25. You fool me – Tan Tan B ft. Teddy Ride
26. Ten ten – Venny Beatz
27. Woman Lapa – Dj Squezze Ft Nig Boy
28. Zoko – (Pillz) Y 29. Dah LehVo – Mezonic
30. Make it thick Sammie Love ft. Starmelod
31. Juice- Cypha D King ft. Christpoh
32. Crazy for your love- Z. Papoose
33. Still Maintain – Killa Lue ft. Pitty&Shadow
34. You feel it – Risky
35. Africa – Nasseman
36. Mama Liberia – Nasseman
37. Booty Bounce – Dearboy ft. Coolnani
38. Da how we looking – Shine P
39. OH na na – G Rize
40. Jeh Leh Yall — Bucky Raww
41. Body On Fire – Mai Myers
42. Hard Labor – 2C ft. FRIDAY –
43. D square Featuring AK feeling man “love your touch”
44. D square *****


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