Van Vicker Endorses Pink for Africa


African movie icon Van Vicker has given his support to Pink for Africa, a non-profit organization that educates African women about breast cancer.

“I support ‘Pink for Africa’. Go to and support,” Van Vicker posted on his Instagram page.

Founded by breast cancer survivor Juliette Mills-Lutterodt, her survivor story has become a strong influence and support for many African women battling cancer.

Launched in 2013, the organization has managed to provide for hundreds of cancer patients, including breast cancer awareness campaign through the media, seminars in schools and collaboration with other women’s groups.

Voicing his support for the women’s group, Van Vicker will not only give the campaign a momentum but will encourage many to follow suit.

Commanding a very credible voice in Africa, Van Vicker might have a considerable platform to spread the massage that women with breast cancer be given more care while also sending a strong message that Pink for Africa should be given more support to fight breast cancer, which remains one of largest causes of death worldwide.

“The actor voices his support for the organization because they are saving many lives on a daily basis through their programs,” a source close to Van Vicker said.

“Van is with the strong hope that with this public support given to the organization it will capture the public’s attention and inspire them to donate more to the fight against breast cancer.

“Right now Van Vicker feels honored to add his voice to the organization’s efforts to raise awareness on the necessity and benefits of acting now to combat breast cancer among women,” our source added.

According to the source, as an influential person in the African entertainment industry the Afro-Hollywood Award winning actor also has a moral responsibility to serve as a strong voice for institutions that are in the fight to save the lives of women.

“This is very key moment for Van Vicker. It is it is a moment for action toward reducing the high deaths from breast cancer and how he will encourage other ace entertainment figures in Africa to follow suit in the coming years will likely determine the fate of African breast cancer women survivors,” ended the source.


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