Using Music to enlighten the youth on why it is important to vote


Once again, voting time is near. Sadly, many don’t know why they or should cast their vote; they vote because of the benefits and money that they feel belong to voting.

Trying to change these perspectives, two talented artists, who have been working together for six years, came up with a concept they hope would enlighten the youth on why it is important to vote.

Peaches and Henry Amazin Toe (Amaze) recently collaborated with make-up artist J-Glo and Hip-Co fanatic Young Hova in a song called “Know who to vote for” that educates and encourages its listeners to make the right decision this coming 2017 by electing the right president.

“This song is to give caution to Liberians because for the past few years, I believe Liberians have been voting on the sentiment that if they vote, scholarships will be given to them. They also vote on the perception that the aspirant is their country man or woman and also because the candidate gave them a few bags of rice. We want to erase that notion,” Amaze articulated.

The unreleased track and video was produced by Nigerian recording artist and producer Rawlo and is being sponsored by the Accountability Lab. The track represents one of the many projects Accountability Lab is involved with helping Liberians to understand what elections mean and why they are important in and to society.

Amaze is one of the many Hip-Co artists working closely with Accountability Lab – he happens to be the Lab’s Hip-Co Accountability Ambassador.

During our talk, Amaze narrated that he started rapping in Guinea in 2003 when he and his family sought refuge there during the civil war. In 2004, he joined the ever popular dance group 3Ts and by 2006, they transformed from dancing to covering other peoples’ songs, and finally dancing to their own. A prolific songwriter, Amaze wrote six songs on 3Ts’ 2006 album New Concept.

He is no stranger to composing music with a message or meaning. That’s why he is the Accountability Ambassador – his messages have weight.

However, this is not the first time for Amaze to fight for the rights of Liberians through sons by telling them what’s right and what’s wrong. Back in 2015, he came up with a song “Corruption Corruption” that caught the attention of the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), who used the song in the documentary Africa 54. The video to the song was also produced with the backing of OSIWA.

“My expectation is for us as Liberians to leave the mentality of voting for relatives, friends, or people because we know our benefits from them.

This song is also meant for African countries faced with said issues.

I believe we are to know who to vote for in other for us to have a better nation or society, despite the poverty and hardship we are faced with. We shouldn’t be carried away by politicians with mere talks to gain their selfish desires,” he objected.

On his teaming up with Peaches, Amaze said: “After forming our group TAGTEAM in 2010 with Peaches, I realized education is an important part of development and becoming a leader. Presently, I am a junior student at the University of Liberia studying management as a major and a minor in accounting.”


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