Using Music to Educate Voters


We all listen to music for different reasons, positive or negative; however, for Amaze, J-Glo, Peaches and Young Hover their new song together “Whom to Vote for” is sending out the much needed positive message of educating voters during election.

Even if you are feeling stressful, angry or happy, or whatever the case may be, it is important to take a minute of your time and listen to the song. This song has an inspiring, soul touching message; there will be no regrets listening to it.

The song went in-depth into the often-debated topic of the necessary threats posed to voters during election time – they sometimes vote the wrong people into office, which at the end brings regrets.

Proudly sporting his ‘Whom to Vote For’ T-Shirt during the launch of the song at the University of Liberia’s Capitol Hill campus, Hipco rapper Amaze said there is a new trend in Liberia’s political landscape where citizens chase politicians who are very rich, knowing that they do not have the vision to change the county.

“This happened because the vast majority of the voters have little knowledge about the dangers of electing the wrong person for public office. During election time everyone has a voice, no status is regarded, so therefore it is very important that their voices be used wisely or we are doomed.”

“As election time is fast approaching, every day brings news from different politicians, with different ideas on how they can develop this country; but if you look at their policy critically, it does not answer the question how.

“So in this song, voters are advised to carefully screen their candidates, and it begins now,” Amaze emphasized.

For J-Glo, one of the singer-writers of the single, he expressed happiness to be part of a project that seeks to educate voters to avoid making wrong choices during election time.

“This song is driving home a message that many of our colleagues do not really engage in the musical landscape. It’s message is easy to grab, easy to understand, and soul touching as well,” J-Glo said.

“Whom to Vote For” was sponsored and produced by Accountability Lab- Liberia.


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