US$3,000 Grant For Arts and culture Musicians


Liberia’s popular female blogger and manager of Jon Bricks, Berenice Mulubah, has launched a US$ 3,000 grant for arts and culture artists in order to help them improve the quality of their music video and to ensure it is up to international standards.

Berenice is passionate about introducing Liberian arts and culture to the rest of the world through aid for artists. “I’m entirely funding this grant project and I remain open to accepting donations that would go towards different areas of art and culture development,” she explained.

“Liberian artists need more than a US$3,000 grant to change their game, but this little grant is meant to provide help towards that process,” Berenice said.

Ms. Mulubah, the owner of the blog “C Liberia Clearly”, added that art and culture grants are open to Liberian musicians both in Liberia and the Diaspora and that interested candidates must submit a song they have made, as well as the concept for a music video to accompany it.

“The grant will go towards producing a quality video for the winner, and deadline for submission is October 31, 2015,” the blogger noted.

In a e-mail, LIB Life asked Ms. Mulubah why she places the focus of the grant on musicians and the reward for artist to make quality video. “The industry has seen a new stream of goodies songs, but the lack of classic video to go along with it has become a serious problem now in the industry,” she said.

“Liberian artist doesn’t need promotional training; they need a great promotional team,” Ms. Mulubah stressed. “

She has called on Liberian stars to build a winning team of individuals who are skillful in management and marketing, in order to move from being only a singer and to a professional artist.

Ms. Mulubah urges Liberian artists to send their work and that the project will be transparent. She explained that the grant is assured and is her way of helping to build the industry.

Berenice Mulubah is Liberian born and was raised in Harper, Maryland County. Currently, she resides in the United States and has been promoting Liberian arts and culture a few years ago.

Her blog discusses a range of subject that is associated with Liberian entertainment, politics, human rights and freedom of expression, with special emphasis on Liberian arts and culture.

She is also an author and was once nominated for the Liberian Entertainment Awards Best Radio Personality.

To contact her about applying for the Arts and Culture Grant, donating to the grant, or her other works, she can be reached by phone at 910-554-7600 or e-mail at [email protected]


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