‘Unique and Perfect’


It might be over now but it was definitely a weekend Christmas Extravaganza, with spectacular performances that touched the soul of the audience, making it difficult for anyone in the full-house auditorium to hold back their excitement.

The crowd described the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) Choir’s live performance as “unique and perfect.”

Though the choir did not sing their own songs, they had great chemistry performing traditional Christmas songs.

“The kind of performance that the choir displayed here proved that the university has a great extracurricular activity program. It is the best we have ever seen since this program was initiated a few months ago,” a member of the audience told Lib Life.

“This is a turning point in the university’s activities and we hope that more investments will be made to improve it in some areas.”

Also performing a drama entitled “Paradise Lost,” the Anyenkon (AMEU Dance and Drama Troupe) never utter a word throughout the performance, but their silence spoke volumes, and was epic.

The drama opened with five actors on stage in a state of bliss. Their leaders seemed kind and generous. Food is plentiful and children laugh and play. But eventually their leaders became corrupt with greed and sold them into slavery.

As the plot thickened, the slaves are treated with unspeakable cruelty. But they never forgot about returning home one day.

The slaves were eventually freed by their slave master. They embraced each other in silence, fighting to hold back their emotions.

The former slaves returned home and forgetting their past treatment under bondage, they forcefully established dominance over their own people, and at last conflict escalated until everything was destroyed. In the end, they came together to rebuild.

Paradise Lost ends as the people pledged to never allow greed to make them carry out such wanton acts of destruction against each other.

In a nutshell, Paradise Lost is the story of Liberia.

“I am elated by the wonderful response that our Christmas Extravaganza received. I hope this will become an annual event. There is so much talent in Liberia and within the AMEU student population in particular,” said Dr. Dawn Barnes, Associate Vice President for Academic Support Services at the university said.

“We hope to explore these talents and showcase them at cultural events throughout the year. Our community, too, has said that they look forward to having occasions like these to relax and enjoy the spirit of the holiday. Music, dance and live drama are universal. I am honored to serve as a facilitator for this service to our students and our community.”

Dr. Barnes also said that art and culture, like sports, are aspects of lives that unite and bring people together to laugh, share fun and jointly celebrate humanity.

“As an institution of higher education, it is part of our mandate to enrich the lives of the community,” she added.


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