Two Recent Big Achievements for ‘The People’s Station’


Apart from the numerous award nominations it receives, winning an award from the Checago Bright Foundation, building of much needed lavatories in the Brewerville community, its feeding programs, and the opening of radio stations across Liberia, HottFM radio station has just added another reserve to its platter.

They have teamed up with Deborah Atney’s Be100 Radio.

Every Saturday on 107.9FM, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. (9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. GMT), legendary radio broadcaster and social entertainer, Charles Russell, hosts a show that connects Liberia with the rest of the world. His show is intended to bring Liberia to the limelight through Ms. Atney’s Be100 Radio platform, which was shaped to “open the eyes and ears of African music.”

Last week, Russell hosted Gbema and Afro Pop sensation K-Zee, who talked about his recent release, “I’m in Love”, and his “Back to School” jam at Royal Plus. K-Zee revealed that his recent single was crafted based on his feelings toward his fans. “I love my fans so much, but sometimes there are restraints that cause me not to be able to reach out to all of them. I feel very deeply for those who buy my music, come to watch me perform and show me support always.”

Meanwhile, HottFM, which has been in existence for more than seven years, has dedicated itself to playing good music, promoting Liberian entertainment and providing assistance and care to the Liberian populace. During the Ebola outbreak, many lives were saved from the strong awareness and lifesaving jingles produced by HottFM, not to mention their collaboration with UNICEF during that time, which mustered up the Ebola project and song, “Ebola is Real”.

Known as “The People’s Station”, their dedication to that name and popular slogan paid off recently when they received the “Community Service Award” from the Checago Bright Foundation during its award and fundraising ceremony in May this year.

Checago Bright – Sawo is the founder and CEO of Checago Bright Foundation (CBF), a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen disadvantaged Liberians through capacity building and community development programs in Liberia.

With a population of 4.9 million Liberians, 3.2 million of them without adequate sanitation, and 80 percent of the population without access to safe drinking water, many in Liberia seek help from organizations and companies such as HottFM and CBF.

Bernard Benson, commonly known as DJ Blue, backed by a strong team that includes hip-hop artist and business partner Cypha D King, Hazem Harb (Double H) and a few others, have gone to great lengths in making sure that the needs of the public, through his radio platform, are being met. Apart from the
construction of latrines, community outreach programs, feeding programs, funding of school fees and such, HottFM is a big supporter of Liberian music and entertainment promotions. They have made a huge difference in the industry.

A staff of more than 300 employees working at more than three radio stations spread across the country, HottFM has also created futures for many young Liberians that allow them to provide for themselves and their families.

Known for its Blue Links Show, its awareness jingles, UNICEF dramas, public awareness programs, providing a helping hand and so on, CBL thought it necessary to award the team (HottFM) with an award of appreciation and recognition for their collective hard work.

According to DJ Blue, who was ecstatic about the win, he congratulated his team and all of those who voted for his victory.

“We deserve this,” he stated.


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