Two Liberian Music Moguls Host Popular TV Show in Nigeria


The super family entertainment “My TV Africa” has in a major way recognized the talents of Liberian artists and celebrities alike. They did this by giving Liberian artists F Dot A Dot and Mr. Smith a chance to display it live on their network.

In the past several months, Liberian Hip-Co rapper Mr. Smith and Liberian R&B/Afro Pop star F Dot A Dot have had the opportunity of hosting one of the most popular shows on My TV Africa’s television network, “Top Five African Music Videos.”

The show features African music videos that are trendy for the week of the program; some even make it on the playlist for months.

“I present it and pick my top five. The show is 30 minutes long and presently I’m going to do 32 more episodes, one a day. My TV Africa wants me to host it though they randomly pick people; some do two-four shows, but I have been blessed to have done more than 12 episodes and counting,” shared Mr. Smith.

The artist, who left for Nigeria back in the early part of 2015, has returned to Liberia in preparation of his album launch and to acquaint his record label with local artists. He shared that he is happy to be back home but looks forward to working with Nigeria and its entertainment business, where the money is.

Meanwhile, F Dot A Dot, who has just completed the making of his hit track, “Desire,” says he has been fortunate to work with My TV Africa in the past and loved the exposure that he has received because of it.

“It was amazing! It was like it didn’t happen. I met My TV Africa at an event we went to, the “City People Awards.” They were one of the many media folks on the red carpet. We did an interview there and afterwards exchanged contacts and the rest is history. I was on four episodes and have plans to do more with them,” he shared.


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