TV Star “Mack” Reveals his Other Raw Talent


Andy Kelley, commonly known as Linmore Fatz, has become a popular face on Liberian television screens. He is known as the ‘American Boy’ on a popular night time TV series called Label.

“I play the character Mack, who just came back to the village to find out the girl he’s been in love with since they were kids has a crazy boyfriend. In the series I fight him and end up taking her away from him, and we end up being together. It’s a comedy role I’ve played for the past three months. In the series,
it’s difficult but I portray a guy whose handling things the best way he can by being a survivor, a hustler and strong,” said Linmore Fatz.

Apart from being the smiley guy everyone loves to hear speaking series on the popular show, Linmore Fatz’s track, “Number 1,” featuring Jacky Ross, has hit spot number seven on HottFm’s (107.9) Liberian Hip-Co/rap charts.

His fans didn’t know he has that in him; that Linmore Fatz can rap.

“I’ve been rapping since I can remember and was actively raping on stage in concerts when I lived in America. Since I came back home I have been endlessly writing songs and producing right there in Logan Town with big names like Christ-oph, Waste Dem, Jacky Ross, Luckay Buckay and a few others.

That’s all we do all day, this music thing. But when I became a rapper, I wanted my fans to know that I love the music game equally, so I released ‘Number 1’ for them to see and hear my real number one talent,” he teased.

As we sat and talked about his two other releases “Money boy” featuring BI and Christ-oph and “Haters See Me Now,” that are being spun on local radio stations in Monrovia, a group of children ran up to the TV star.

“American Boy, wow,” they stared in awe.


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