Tunes Liberia to Modernize Music Portal


As Liberian music continues to strive for greatness, young music entrepreneur Elvis Juasemai, co-founder of Tunes Liberia, has announced new plans to modernize the site and make it more vibrant for music lovers.

Tunes Liberia is a website that offers hot and new Liberian music for download.

Detailing his plans to LIB Life on a visits to our offices, Juasemai said his team is working to create a mailing subscription list for visitors to the site and downloaders, so as to keep track of fans visiting the site and of how many songs are being downloaded per day.

“This will also enable us to send mail about newly released songs rather than [fans having to] search the site every time for something new. We notice that is sometimes boring; but with this email subscribers’ list, it will reduce the stress of searching for new Liberian music. Our goal from this is to make sure that everyone becomes informed about new music right from his or her email box,” Juasemai explained.

Another plan is to fully categorize songs featured on the website, which will make it easy for music lovers to download their favorite songs much quicker without taking too much time to identify the genre of music they want (Gbema, HipCo, Afro Pop and many more).

Juasemai noted that the planned upgrade may not be an easy task to achieve because the site is not yet commercialized and is still in its pilot phase. But the team, he said, is working hard every day to ensure that fans are satisfied and that it meets international standards.

Tunes Liberia came into operation in November of 2015, and was inspired by a desire to see Liberian music spread worldwide. The founders wanted to build a platform where all Liberian music could be found in one place — to serve as an online library, which would make Liberian music more accessible to the outside world.

“On the other hand,” Juasemai divulged, “We became motivated by constructive jealousy, looking at other countries with multiple websites with similar platforms that spread their countries’ music worldwide, while in Liberia we never had any. Through this site we hope to see popularity for our music and artists worldwide.”

Among his major challenges, he explained, is having to purchase a tremendous amount of Internet data in order to upload and publish songs to the site, while the service is still being offered free of charge. Advertising, which would support that expenditure, has been hard to come by.

“We are just doing this as our own contribution of helping to promote Liberian music; but someday if we cannot afford internet packages, that could [limit our ability] to publish songs.”

Another challenge he named was “poor corporation” on the part of artists who are not updating the Tunes Liberia team with their new releases, in which case the team has to go after them. Artists, Juasemai said, know full well that the promotion is in their best interest. In addition, most artists are not submitting their music cover photos as requested.

To stay in touch, go to, and official Facebook page, Tunes Liberia.


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