Tunes Liberia Launches “YouTube Lyrics Page”


Liberia’s biggest music portal, Tunes Liberia, has launched its long awaited YouTube page solely dedicated to publishing the lyrics to Liberian songs as subtitles over music videos as part of the company’s new promotional strategy.

The company in a release said it makes sense for songs published on their website to have “a lyrics-video” so as to increase the listeners’ love for the song.

“From a business perspective, a music lyrics-video is quick to share and it increases the song’s popularity even if it is not popular among radio stations. Another thing is that fans are clearly hungry to learn the words of their favorite artists’ hit songs, and spread the word quickly.

“We believe that lyrics-video is one of the best ways to promote songs as well as maintaining a strong concentration with the fan base for the artists. Whenever a fan listens to a song for the first time, he or she develops the desire to learn the lyrics; and with this new platform, we hope to make music lovers know their favorite artists’ lyrics,” the release added.

According to the release, Tunes Liberia has already started the process by posting music lyrics-videos on its page by uploading Kizzy W “Wait NA” and STUNNA and A-Raw Kpannah.

The release noted that lyrics-videos have a lot of benefits for the artist; something that they must take serious.

However, the Tunes Liberia’s authority, in the release, appealed to artists to take advantage of this new platform to make them more marketable.


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