Tunes Liberia Issues Public Apology


Tunes Liberia authority has issued a public apology to fans and artists for the delay in publishing the weekly top five downloaded songs, saying the delay resulted from an administrative decision to expand the song selection process.

In a press release, the company said after the first edition of the top five downloaded songs was published in the Daily Observer newspaper, they received lot of emails questioning the selection process.

The release explained that the content of each email received forced the Tunes Liberia authority to abruptly stop the process “until clarity is made public.”

“On the selection process, we monitor the website on a daily basis to keep track of all the songs’ daily downloads for the week beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday.

“To get the monitoring statistics correct in order to avoid cheating, we also use our Zippyshare download statistics to do the final tracking, and it always corresponded with ours.

“Zippyshare, a file-sharing website, which we use to upload our song, keeps record for all Tunes Liberia downloaded songs,” the release added.

However, the release disclosed that the top five songs do not come from the daily top ten chart, because even a single view on a song can make it climb one step ahead.

According to the release, the top ten-chart assist Tunes Liberia authority to only monitor the hottest songs on the daily, and also its daily downloads.

“People should not get this confused,” the release continues. “Our top five downloaded songs is not for the week; it is but for the past week.”

Meanwhile, the release noted that publication of the weekly Tunes Liberia chart would resume next week.

Tunes Liberia came into operation in November of 2015, and was inspired by a desire to see Liberian music spread worldwide. Since it began operations the site details more than 1,000 subscribers making Liberian music more accessible to the outside world.

To stay in touch, go to, and official Facebook page, Tunes Liberia.


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