‘Timely Intervention’


The leadership of the Liberia Movie Union (LIMU) said it welcomes the move by the president of the Liberian Football Association (LFA), Musa Bility, pledging his support to the development of the Union.

“For years the Union has been without a permanent place to call a home before Musa Bility made a timely intervention that got us our new home,” Martha E. Akorsah, President of the Union, said.

“When the Union wrote his office for assistance, we were not let down. His pledge to continue assisting the Union is more than a rescue.

“The Union will forever remain grateful to the LFA boss for giving us US$5,000, which helped us to rent our office space.”

The Union’s leadership portrays Musa Bility as an upright man who keeps his promises.

For his part, Musa Bility said, “If Liberia intends to be counted with other nations, the film industry should not be rooted out. I feel this is the right time to help the movie industry to realize its full potential.

“It’s time we help the movie industry to extend its activities far beyond the borders of Liberia.”

Mr Bility urged filmmakers to invest more time in producing quality films that will attract more investments in the industry, adding that any failure on their part has the possibility to scale back the Union’s progress.

Mr. Bility, who is also the CEO of Srimex Oil and Gas Company, added: “I sincerely think that such a task is not difficult to be achieved, depending on the level of commitment that the individual is willing to exercise.

“What I have done for the industry is something that I have been doing for other sectors. I feel happy with the way things are improving.”

Mr. Bility also reaffirmed his support to help the industry extend and expand beyond the borders of Liberia “only if the leadership can brave the storm and apply effort.”


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